15 Jun 2015

How to Deal With Toy Clutter

Toys, toys, everywhere toys! Unless you’ve turned your home into Santa’s Workshop, you probably don’t want to deal with your kid’s dolls, figurines and gaming accessories being left around the house where you can easily trip over them and break an ankle. Here’s how to deal with toy clutter to keep your home looking great and your kids from messing it up: The big giveaway: Take an afternoon to sit down with your children to go through everything. Anything that they don’t play with, have outgrown or was an unwanted gift you can get rid off. Put everything into a garbage bag and donate it to a shelter or charity of your choice. Do not give away stuffed animals they once slept with or precious heirlooms. They may want to give them to their children one day. Store it up in style: Now that you’ve gotten rid of anything your kids don’t need, it’s time to take care of what’s…

21 Jun 2011

Toys are common tenants of storage units, as parents often like to hang on to them after their kids have grown should another child come in to their life. Due to safety, however, some toys may be accidents waiting to happen and not worth saving. But the implementation of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act should help determine trash from treasure. “The toy industry welcomes the CCPSA,” said Jeff Hurst, chairman of the Canadian Toy Association. “This act introduces a number of important provisions, including mandatory recall powers. These provisions complement the rigorous testing and product compliance systems currently in place for toy manufacturers.” Hurst went on to say that the CCPSA should enhance the shared responsibility toy companies and…

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