17 Jul 2017

Flipping A Home? Keep These Tips In Mind

One of the most important tips when looking into a home that you would like to flip is the location. Do people want to live there? Is it in a desirable neighbourhood? Is it close to amenities? These are all questions that you absolutely must ask yourself before attempting to flip a home for profit. Is it close to you? You are probably going to be working on this home daily during the months ahead, which means that it needs to be close to where you currently live and work, or this might quickly become a huge inconvenience for you. You must also factor in the cost of getting to and from your investment home, as well as the opportunity cost of going back and forth everyday. This is all part of shrewd financial decision making. What’s the kitchen like? This is probably the most important room in the home, and the one that will make or break a buying…

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