Summer Storage Options for Students
11 Jun 2019

Summer Storage Options for Students

With students across the country moving home for the summer, they must consider what to do with the belongings they’ve accumulated throughout the year. Whether you’re planning on storing furniture or lighting fixtures, you should review the full range of storage options at your disposal. In this new post, we’ll…

Thing to take in to school
8 Oct 2018

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and our tans are beginning to fade. Yes, this all means it’s back to school! And for many college…

How To Store Your Student Dorm
14 May 2018

Hooray! School’s out and it’s time to pack up your dorm room and head on home for the summer. Having mom’s home cooked meals every day will feel like a total bonus after a whole…

26 Apr 2012

For those who have just recently graduated, managing money can be one of the biggest challenges of living independently. recently offered some tips for new graduates to keep bank accounts healthy while they begin planning for the future.The top recommendation is to simply live within your means. Many youngsters get their first credit card and hit the malls, but this is a good way to rack up debt and ruin your credit score. Others may live paycheck to paycheck, ignoring the conventional wisdom to save 10 percent of each check in order to build up savings.Many students may have loans that they'll need to start paying off. It's important to come up with a strong debt repayment strategy. Due…


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