Organize and Store Christmas Decorations
22 Jan 2019

How to Organize and Store Your Christmas Decorations

It’s that time of year again. The carolers have stopped singing, the cookies have been devoured, and all of the gifts have been opened and enjoyed or regifted. Now comes the worst part-taking down all of your decorations for storage purposes. However, while most people dread removing their Christmas decorations…

Managing the storage account overdue
11 Nov 2018

No matter how good your intentions, sometimes life throws curve-balls that can derail you financially. Even though you make every effort to stay within budget, things happen. When you’re trying to juggle mortgage payments, car…

Climate Controlled Storage Vs. Temperature Controlled Storage
2 Jul 2018

Selecting the right storage unit can be extremely important when it comes to the items that you’re planning on storing. Whether you’re just looking for somewhere to keep a few things while you move or…

19 Jun 2017

If you have furniture in your home or office that you want to get out of your hair temporarily, you want to maintain it in good condition, so that you (or somebody) can get further use out of it in the future. If you are putting your furniture into a self storage unit, below are some tips on how to properly wrap and take care of it while it’s not in use. Clean Before You Wrap Before you place any furniture in storage, you have to clean it first. You should wipe down furniture with a clean cloth, and vacuum and/or shampoo the upholstery before it goes into storage. Any dirt that’s on your furniture when you place it into…

23 Jan 2017

One of the biggest questions that people have when putting things in a self-storage unit is how to go about protecting your art. Art is something that people accumulate over a lifetime and new art replaces old art. You can’t keep all of those pieces just sitting around taking up space. Many people turn to self-storage units to help bear the load. Below are some tips for preparing your artwork for storage. Don’t Roll It Up Many people have the image of the art school student on his way to class, big tube with his painstaking work inside and think that’s how you store art. That is how you can temporarily store art while moving it from one location to…

26 Dec 2016

As a parent, you’re the logistical coordinator of the home. Your kids just don’t have any idea of what goes into running and organizing it a lot of the time. The house can seem like a place of infinite space, capable of accommodating absolutely anything and everything. You know better. Often times, tough decisions have to be made about what to store, where to store it, and conversely, what to give away, recycle etc. If you are a parent, and you just don’t know what to do with the surplus of stuff you have accumulated throughout your family’s life, below are some of the benefits of storage rentals. Kids Away at School It’s sad to send your babies off to…

18 Dec 2016

Tis the season, and that means you are probably thinking about, or if you are an early bird, already out getting presents. It’s exciting getting gifts for people, anticipating the looks on their faces when they receive something you know they’ve always wanted, or you think they’ll love. You’ve spent hard earned money on your gifts, so it would be a shame if something were to happen to them before you have a chance to give them. Below are some tips for storing your Christmas gifts safely, and keeping them secure this holiday season. In Your Car You might not even need to think about storing them safely once you get home if you haven’t stored them safely while you…

28 Nov 2016

If you are the owner of a retail store, whether online or brick and mortar, storage space is one of the most important components of your business. Not just simply having storage space available, however. You need to be sure that your items are safely stored, ready to be shipped or sold and are in the condition that your customers expect when they receive them. This means, if you are utilizing a self-storage space to warehouse items, they must be safely and securely stored. Below are some tips on how to safely store products from your retail store. Invest in a high quality lock. A high quality lock utilizes not just sturdy, hard to penetrate materials, but is designed in…

21 Nov 2016

Self-storage facilities are great places to keep seasonal belongings when not in use — winter belongings in summer, summer belongings in the winter. Not having to keep everything you have is a huge luxury, especially if you live in an area of the country where the four seasons change drastically from one to the next. However, if you are storing things in a self-storage unit over the winter, particularly if the winters can be harsh where you live, there are some things you need to know. Below are tips to help you securely store your belongings in the winter. Clean your items. It is always a good idea to make sure that anything that goes into your storage unit is…

18 Nov 2016

Most of us have moved — some of us several times — throughout our lives, and the amount of supplies needed just to take your stuff from one place to another is often surprising. Selecting and purchasing packing supplies is just another part of the production of moving. Knowing what to get, and why you’ll need it can make a move so much easier than if you are scrambling at the tail end to find the necessities. Below are five packing supplies you will need while moving. Specialty boxes. Specialty boxes are available for purchase from many different places, including packing and moving stores and shipping centres. Specialty boxes are designed with certain items in mind and come in a…

11 Nov 2016

Online marketplaces such as eBay have created a wide range of business opportunities for those looking to buy and sell online from the convenience of their homes. The astute entrepreneur can quickly turn a profit using eBay if they understand their market, are organized and can connect buyers and sellers. Many people are choosing to run their eBay businesses out of a self-storage unit for a variety of reasons. Below are some tips for running your eBay business out of your self-storage unit. Protect your inventory. A self-storage unit should be designed and selected based on what type of inventory you are selling. If your business is new and used electronics, then a climate-controlled unit that protects your goods from…

7 Nov 2016

A self-storage unit is a convenient way to store your personal belongings that you either don’t have room for in your home or business for, or only use temporarily throughout the year. Seasonal items, decorations and family heirlooms are some of the most commonly stored items. But a self-storage unit without adequate security measures in place defeats the whole purpose of having the unit in the first place. Below are five security measures your storage facility should have to ensure that your belongings are properly cared for and looked after. Strong locks. Having a strong lock means not only investing in quality, it also means selecting the right design. A lock with a short, thick handle is your best option…

22 Oct 2016

Your belongings are important to you; you aren’t going to trust them to just anybody. You want to make sure that they are cared for, protected and well-maintained, especially when you are considering placing them in a self-storage facility. But not all self-storage facilities are created equally. There are certain indicators you are advised to keep an eye out for when deciding who and where to trust with your property. Below are a list of some of the things to look out for when choosing a self-storage facility. Exceptional customer service The first time you get in touch with a self-storage facility and that first interaction you have with an employee will tell you a lot about how that company…

17 Oct 2016

The summer is over and the fun, free, limitless driving you have been enjoying over the last four months has finally come to an end. It’s time to put away the summer car and break out the strong and steady winter machine. If you are putting your summer car in storage during the colder months, below are some tips to help you prep it and ensure safe storage. Select an appropriate storage location You will want to make sure you choose a storage location that is not only secure and reputable, but one that has the appropriate climate control mechanisms in place to ensure that your car is stored in an optimal environment. Too cold or too hot and come…

19 Aug 2016

There comes a point in most people’s lives when they realize that, over the years, they have accumulated way more than they could ever possibly hope to keep in their house – at least in an organized fashion. Ultimately we look for new and creative ways to maximize the amount of space we have available and we try to tuck away things that we know we aren’t going to use, or maybe use occasionally. A self-storage unit is always a great option because it frees up space in your home for what’s really important: The things you use on a daily basis. If you find your space more cluttered than usual, have maxed-out your storage space and don’t know where…

7 Jun 2013

Leger, the largest Canadian-owned polling, research and strategic marketing firm, recently conducted consumer and business surveys of more than 1,000 individuals for the Consumer Choice Awards. The awards are coveted by businesses, as consumers vote on whether…

22 May 2013

According to a recent article in the Winnipeg Free Press, despite Canadian women having access to more financial swagger and control than ever before, they still confront a number of challenges.First, women live longer than…

30 Apr 2013

As self storage units gain more popularity throughout Canada, many business owners are taking their facilities to the next level in order to attract even more customers. According to Inside Self Storage, one of the…

29 Apr 2013

For the past decade, many consumers throughout North America have become transfixed on reality television shows. One of the most popular television programs in the United States may have helped pushed the storage industry even farther…


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