4 May 2015

Kid’s Room Overhaul: How to Help Your Kids Declutter

Children’s rooms are often the smaller rooms in the house, yet children tend to have the most clutter. Their toys and clothes alone take up an immense amount of space. With a lack of cleanliness and organization, the room quickly becomes a cluttered filled mess. Children aren’t usually the best cleaners and even when they are told to do so, you may find that everything is hidden in a heap underneath the bed or in the closet. Luckily for parents, there are some unique ways to avoid these occurrences! Tips for Decluttering Your Child’s Room Label plastic storage containers so that your child knows where to store items accordingly. Legos, Barbies, blocks, small toys, action figures, and more can all be stored away in plastic drawer units. Color code the closet by purchasing different colored hangers. Have your child hang the clothing article on the corresponding hanger and have them place it in the closet according to the color sequence.…

1 May 2015

Creating storage under your stairs is a great way to minimize clutter and to add more storage to the home. There are several ways in which a staircase can be transformed into added storage space, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy! Some homes already come with storage closets under the stairs. This is a great way to hide away the holiday decorations or other items that you tend to use every once in a while. But those who don’t already have that space built in, there are other ways to create the storage you desire. Steps with Storage You can turn each step into a covered little storage unit. If your stairs are hollow, you can utilize…

31 Mar 2015

Long-term storage can be risky for leather goods and for handbags that need to keep their shape. When you have a leather handbag, the risk is even higher. Here’s a guide to making sure your bag stays in good condition, no matter how long you keep it in storage. Clean it thoroughly Before storing your handbag, clean it with a damp cloth. Be sure to remove all dirt and dust, as both can be magnets for moisture and mildew. In particular, dirt can contain salts and minerals that cause permanent damage to leather. Recondition the leather Leather is an organic material, and is composed of a lot of water. In a dry storage unit, this water can evaporate without being…

27 Mar 2015

Choose a climate-controlled facility Many facilities use both air conditioning and dehumidifiers, and both help prevent mold and mildew. Mold starts to form at around 60% relative humidity, and forms faster as humidity increases. Similarly, mold and mildew prefer very hot temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius or more. You can see evidence of both in your fridge: vegetables still mold because the humidity is too high, but they do it very slowly because the temperature is low. Climate-controlled facilities are a good idea if you have any of the following mold-attracting goods: Clothes or cloth-covered furniture Leather goods or furniture Paper Soft plastics Use moisture absorbers Moisture absorbers suck the water out of the air, and even a small amount…

9 Feb 2015

Most parents agree that keeping toys and play rooms organized and clutter-free feels impossible at worst and Sisyphean at best. No matter how hard you try and no matter how hard you encourage them to pick up after themselves, toys always seem to get distributed all over the place. Regardless of how many toys have accumulated throughout the years, there are still ways to maintain a clean space. With some careful planning and commitment, you and your children can maintain a decluttered life and still have fun. There are three main elements to decluttering the toys in your house: Limiting the acquisition of new toys, carefully choosing old toys to get rid of, and organizing the toys that you keep.…

6 Feb 2015

Self storage units are generally very safe and secure. Most self-storage providers will have various security measures in place, both for the whole facility and for each individual unit. Nevertheless, if you are storing items of high personal or monetary value, it doesn’t hurt to take steps for extra security. After all, when you stow away your valuables, you want to be able to leave them be and still maintain peace of mind. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can make sure your storage unit and its contents have the best possible security. Choosing the right storage facility Sound storage security begins with finding the right facility for your needs. Talk to the managers to learn about what security…

2 Feb 2015

Bedding storage might seem simple at first, but fluffy blankets and pillows can actually be frustratingly difficult to safely pack for long-term storage. They’re bulky and take up a lot of space and, on top of that, they often fall prey to things like mildew and moth damage if left in damp or unprotected storage environments. Here are five ways that you can store your blankets and pillows so that they stay compactly organized, and safely stored: 1.  Cedar The natural oils found in cedar wood helps repel moths and other insects. If your blankets and pillows are made out of natural materials that are vulnerable to moths, this is a great choice. Find a chest made out of, or…

14 Mar 2014

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a growing start-up, or a seasoned corporation trying to increase your profit margins, affordable office space is a coveted but often elusive thing in the world of business. Finding a location that has enough space and is also in an optimal business location, can be an extremely time-consuming and wallet draining process. Fortunately, Jiffy Storage is here to help you make that process easier, and less expensive! We’ve got two solutions to help you find an affordable office space: 1. Low Cost Office/Business Spaces for Small Business or Service Jiffy Workspace offers extremely affordable office space, already wired with Internet access, to satisfy entrepreneurs and small businesses who want a quality workspace but without the expensive…

6 Jan 2014

This is the season when most people move seasonal car tires into and out of storage. Toronto car dealers charge an incredibly high fee to store tires for six months, but at Jiffy Self-Storage, we have the smarter solution for thrifty Toronto consumers looking for a cheap Toronto solution for storing seasonal tires. Rent a 25 sqft (5ft x 5ft x 9ft high) unit from Jiffy Toronto to store your winter tires plus other seasonal stuff inside one of our climate controlled storage spaces. You may ask yourself what difference does a proper storage space make for your tires. Well, tires that aren’t properly kept away can suffer a range of problems. Here are five quick and easy tire-storage tips and…

19 Jul 2013

Thousands of homes and businesses across Toronto GTA have been tremendously damaged by the recent torrential rainfall and subsequent flooding. Basements, furniture and many ground level dwellings have sustained millions of dollars of damage. Even with the City of Toronto investing tens of millions of dollars into storm water management, back flow from drainage systems and sewers are inevitable. Furthermore, many ground level storage facilities across the city were not spared and also sustained severe flood damage. This left many storage tenants at a loss. Many valuable pieces of furniture and all sorts of items were destroyed. Why take the risk again? Absolutely none of our storage units were compromised. Many of our abroad and local tenants panic called in…

17 Jun 2013

Joanne (not her real name) spent a lot of time analyzing her family‘s move from her house to her Toronto self-storage unit. She itemized each piece, calculated cubic feet for each item being moved in and estimated that at most, she would need 200 sq ft of floor space to manage all the items going into storage. Being a perfectionist, before finalizing with the mover, she went over the list of storage items with the senior manager of the moving company. He confirmed what Joanne already knew and that the maximum storage size would be about 10ft x 20ft storage unit. Joanne reserved her storage unit prior to her move. On the moving day, Joanne went to the self-storage office…

26 Apr 2013

When it comes time to pack your boxes prior to moving day, the right filler can prevent damage from the experience. Although you may drive carefully, various vibrations within the vehicle or perhaps from sliding the boxes into place can damage your valuables. Wrapping your wine glasses in newspaper can only do so much and isn’t a guaranteed method of protecting them. While you could put money into packing foam, there are other ways you can safely protect your valuables from damage during your move. 1. Foam Peanuts – Packing peanuts are a great way to solidify the protection in your boxes. Because of their size and resilience, you can fill a box full of fragile goods reinforced with packing…

6 Jun 2011

The moving process is something just about everyone experiences at least once in their life. But if people aren’t careful in who they hire to help them pack up their boxes and belongings, it could be an experience they never want to have again. A reliable mover should have excellent client reviews According to the U.S.-based Better Business Bureau, which helps consumers determine if businesses are legitimate and good to deal with, the firm receives loads of complaints from homeowners who have been scammed by movers. To help people determine what movers are for real, the BBB and American Moving and Storage Association has a few pointers. For instance, the organizations say homeowners should research the…

28 May 2011

Storage unit companies are in the business of providing homeowners with the space they need for their belongings. But what would a company be if it didn’t also give renters tips on how to maximize their own living space? Fortunately, a U.S.-based media source recently published some ways people can find more room to house their belongings in the bedroom. You'll need less self storage if you organize your storage stuff For instance, the Seattle Times recommends using the space that’s beneath the bed, as a standard king-size mattress takes up 42 square-feet of living space. Thin portable storage containers would fit nicely. The paper says homeowners should also look to make the area that’s made…

30 Oct 2010

Often older married folks that are thinking about downsizing, look for a place to store legacy items without considering if the items being stored will have value when they pass to the next generation. They do not realize that items stored have built in obsolescence in our fast moving world so that even after a few years they are worthless. Take the example of a middle class retired couple that rented a Toronto storage locker for more than 15 years. When the children of the deceased couple opened their parents’ storage locker for the first time, they were taken back with items that they found. What greeted them were two 25 year old IBM XT computers with matching monitors, a…

14 Apr 2010

I don’t know a single person that’s in love with moving and storing – but sometimes life shattering events happen that result in radical changes for households and businesses. Persons going through separation, divorce, executors managing estates, sudden illnesses, forced downsizings, persons retiring from businesses – all of these are individuals going through unexpected life disruptions and Jiffy Storage can manage all their problems of moving and downsizing – from supplying boxes and in-home moving packers, arranging for trucks and movers to money saving packing tips that go along way for reducing storage costs. We are more than just another Toronto storage company  –  Jiffy Self Storage has staff with expertise to deal with other peoples’ storage problems so they don’t have to. Many…

9 Nov 2009

Or self storage secrets that OTHER Toronto storage companies keep to themselves.  5. Reduce storage size by reducing total volume of items stored by filling all voids in appliances, washers and dryers, dressers, cabinets, etc. Often by doing this you should be able to reduce down to the next smallest or second next smaller size. 4. Reduce storage room size by stacking high. A little more exerted effort could reduce your storage unit size up to or more than 20%. 3. Leave items that need immediate or frequent access (like tools, personal hygiene, important  papers) that will be moved out first, in a separate compact storage unit — and items that will be moved later, put in another storage room that will be crammed…

22 Oct 2009

Many families and businesses are now pre-occupied finalizing personal and business related issues so they can get on with preparations for the Christmas season. And this is the time of year people begin acting like hibernating bears and hoarding pack-rats, getting ready for lackluster frigid days and long cold freezing nights. Right now, mini storage activity at Jiffy Self Storage Toronto is in the midst of the year’s biggest storage rush. If you’re thinking of putting off storage for a while, my advice is not to wait much longer because the correct size that fits your needs best will be gone and you may wind up having to pay more because you’ll have to store either in multiple smaller units or…

6 Sep 2009

Have you been thinking about having a garage sale? Do you know someone that is planning on having one? Get the Best All Time Tips For Fantastic Garage Sales. Free up valuable storage space for other family uses. Selling your home? Declutter and sell your home sooner for a higher price. Your FREE Garage Sale book will be downloaded to you for you to learn the best and most money making garage sale secrets of the pros. Find out why the author named the garage sale book, “How to Sell the Gorilla.” The answer will surprise you. About garage sales, you’ll find out: What items sell best for most profit How to distinguish tirekickers from the the real buyers How to market…


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