Optimizing Your Self-Storage Space Security
10 Sep 2018

Optimizing Your Self-Storage Space Security

Using self-storage units has become a way of life for many people. Self-storage units can improve your lifestyle for many reasons. They can make home organization a big possibility, first of all. They can make navigating brand new phases in life a lot simpler, too. If you’re relocating from one…

Are Storage Units Secure? How To Protect Your Belongings
16 Jul 2018

Storage units hold our valuables and we trust them with things we really care about. However, are storage units really secure? At Jiffy Storage, we make security our top priority. So yes, our storage units…

Is A Cheap Lock Enough?
21 Nov 2017

Storing your belongings, whether in your own home, or off-site in a storage facility, means taking security measures. Most people invest in a simple padlock to keep their unit locked-up and their items protected while…


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