20 Jan 2014

Friendly and helpful businesses located in Toronto’s Jiffy...

Did you know that there are several handy businesses located alongside Jiffy at its Toronto location? So next time you swing by the Jiffy Self Storage site, why not give them a visit. For example, take the Canadian Hardware & Tools store located at the Jiffy Plaza. Ali and his wife Samaila source world class manufacturing companies for delivery of high quality tools to their exacting specifications — and Jiffy Self Storage business tenants are just steps away. At Canadian Hardware, you’re able to buy precision tools and supplies at prices that are often 50% less than major big box lumber retail stores. So why pay big prices to rent when high quality tools from Ali are available to own for the cost of renting– and these fine tools are brand new, not reconditioned models. So if your project requires tool rentals, don’t forget that for the cost of a few days rental you can own brand new tools of your choice and…

10 Jan 2014

After several years as a professional window cleaner, Mark Strange and his wife Leonor decided they would give retail store ownership a try. Of course the perfect choice of product to sell would be window cleaning supplies as well as other related cleaning products. Mark began doing research on store locations and involved costs back around the fall of 2012. That’s when he first spotted the newly renovated store units in the front end of Jiffy Storage Plaza on Wilson Ave. After finally making the decision to move forward with the retail store in Toronto, Mark and Leonor began renting a retail unit in July of 2013 and eagerly began renovations. By late August they had both their Toronto retail…

12 Nov 2012

Toronto’s leading self storage service provider has recently completed construction of 5 brand new retail units. This has created new and additional opportunities for aspiring business owners to secure a great retail location. Jiffy Self Storage Plaza, Toronto,  has a wide array of benefits for entrepreneurial business owners. First of all, the plaza is located at the major cross roads of the greater Toronto Area. This provides easy access to Highways 401 & 400. Whether you are on your way to work or having customers visit, this ease of travel is a benefit that most other places cannot provide. Toronto Retail Strip Plaza with lots of front loaded parking Thinking of starting a new business? One of…

16 Feb 2012

Even amidst financial hardships worldwide, one industry that continues to prove its worth in terms of stability and longevity is the self storage market. According to Inc. Magazine, the housing market has faced a huge crisis in the U.S. and Canada, but storage facilities continue to see a profit.Some experts believe that more people have been trying to sell their homes in order to downsize and the best way to show a presentable home is to remove clutter and trinkets. These items must be stored somewhere, so many opt for convenient and safe affordable self storage in Toronto or anywhere else.The Self Storage Association reports that there are currently 2.21 billion square feet of self storage in the U.S. alone. Inc.…

28 Dec 2011

Among the many reality TV shows on the air, storage auction shows have drawn a large audience this year. The programs follow people who bid on abandoned storage units with the hopes of turning up valuable items that will make their purchases worthwhile. Most of the time, the winners will wind up with a few items that they can sell to recoup their profits, but there are the occasional hidden gems that can really make one's head spin.According to StorageAuctionCentral.com, there were a few doozies that were uncovered in self storage facilities this year, including a 1966 Ford Shelby Mustang, valued at around $200,000, that was once owned by its designer, Carroll Shelby. When a unit contains a rare or…

30 Aug 2009

Rent a high traffic strip plaza business store, located at Jiffy Self Storage Plaza, North York branch. A low cost, small retail space with a well finished store front, this commercial unit comes complete with four seasons heating and air conditioning. Never miss a retail customer. Your retail/service store is surrounded by lots of immediate parking for your customers and clients. Take advantage of high traffic services and plaza stores of: Jiffy Self-Storage in Toronto, Classic Cocktails Bar & Grill, Discount Tools and Hardware, Donut Delight, plus other business services. This compact retail store is ideal for start up, bookkeeper, income tax service store, computer service repairs, used computer laptop services, locksmith, specialty retail, local branch, IT office, financial, and more services. A low cost…


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