29 Sep 2015

When Does Climate Control Become a Necessity?

Here at Jiffy Self-Storage, we’re proud to offer climate controlled storage solutions. Humidity and temperature shifts can be damaging to materials like metal, paper, laminate furniture finishes and electronic devices. Humidity control also keeps mould and mildew at bay, keeping your possessions safe from damage. Our goal is to have your items just as they were the day you brought them in. While not all items are as susceptible to climate or humidity damage, it’s important to know which ones are more than others, and for which items climate controlled storage is a necessity. Furniture Certain materials are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Wood is highly susceptible to humidity, and moisture can cause wood to crack, warp, or even rot over time. When storing wood furniture, the lower the humidity, the better. Leather is also sensitive to humidity and can mildew or discolour if exposed to excess moisture. Musical Instruments Musical instruments are very delicate, often valuable items, and…

18 Sep 2015

Compared to other household items like furniture, electronics can be trickier to store. Electronics, such as computers, televisions, stereo equipment, CD players, handheld devices, and more, can be sensitive to water damage or temperature. Here are some things to take into consideration when storing electronics: Organize Cords and Wires You don’t want cords or wires to become damaged during storage, and opening a box of tangled wires can be frustrating. Make sure all detachable cords and other attachments are removed from the item. If you are dealing with lots of cords, you’ll thank yourself later for clearly labeling, organizing, and storing them! Remove Batteries Batteries can leak acid and damage an object. Remove all batteries prior to storage and either…

14 Sep 2015

Maximizing your home’s storage capacity means maximizing your home’s spaciousness. The less clutter there is, the more spacious your home will look and feel. You don’t want to just shove everything in the closet! Here are some innovative ideas for maximizing your home’s storage potential. Multi-Tasking Items Items that look like unassuming pieces of furniture, but have hidden storage capacity are a great way of making your home appear more spacious. Storage ottomans double as a footrest, and as storage for DVDs, CDs, or whatever else you like. Many coffee tables also have shelves or storage underneath. De-cluttering the living room is a great way to impress guests. For your home’s entryway, consider a bench that opens up to storage…

1 Sep 2015

The ways we might store electronics, dishes, and clothing are all very different! Fortunately, there are many different options for storage boxes to accommodate and protect each and every one of our items. Plastic Storage Boxes Plastic storage boxes are a lightweight, inexpensive storage option. The good thing about plastic storage boxes is that they keep moisture out. However, that can be a negative because plastic storage boxes don’t breathe, and therefore will trap any moisture inside. In case of this happening, it is a good idea to place silica gel packs in with your storage. Silica gel is a dehumidifying agent, which can absorb any excess moisture that may harm your belongings. The types of plastic storage boxes vary…

31 Aug 2015

Storing artwork is one of the trickiest tasks. When it is stored improperly, the artwork can suffer damage which will ruin it or greatly depreciate its value. As an avid art collector or maybe even an artist, it is important that you store away the artwork safely and securely. There are several things you must do in order to preserve the art without depreciating the value in any way. Make sure that you are cautious while following the advice below. Wear protective gear when necessary and make sure you have a safe, cool, and dry place to store everything. Tips and Advice for Safe Storage and Preservation Encapsulate the artwork if it is on paper or canvas. Cover the work…

24 Aug 2015

Storage units are one of the best ways to store away and pack up items in a residential or commercial property when you don’t want them taking up space. There are all types of self storage companies, but the key is to find one nearest to your home that offers a variety of different sizes and features. Renting a unit with humidity control is always best because it is important to keep your items dry and cool to prevent them from molding. When Is a Storage Unit a Good Idea? When you are amidst relocation When you have no room, but do not want to get rid of your belongings When you have a vehicle that isn’t being used presently,…

14 Aug 2015

Every single one of us has items that we store away and refuse to get rid of. Most of the time, we store these items away in boxes. Depending on what is being stored, you may have an assortment of box sizes you use. These boxes are usually made from cardboard and aren’t necessarily meant for long term storage When you intend on storing your items for a long period of time, it is wise to be aware of the kinds of boxes you are using to pack them away. Where you are storing them will also take precedence in the decision of what type of box you use to pack your belongings. Cardboard can breakdown over time. Weather changes…

24 Jul 2015

Pillows and blankets require special storage techniques. Natural fibers attract insects and suck up dirt, while synthetic ones are mold and mildew’s favorite environment. The closed dark insides of comforters and pillows is a breeding ground for bacteria. You know how a linen closet develops a smell after a little while? That’s a tiny amount of mildew that builds up in water droplets left over from the washing machine. That mildew is unavoidable, but can be washed out. Without additional water getting into your fabrics, the mildew will eventually die out. Your job is to protect the blankets from any more moisture, as well as from insects and other pests. The Best Option The best option to use is a…

7 Jul 2015

Summer is finally here! You can walk outside, free of any bulky jackets! But this freedom is your closet’s loss, as that jacket is going to uselessly take up space for the next six months. Why not move it out of your space entirely? While we’re at it, why don’t we find a place for those boots, snowboard in the corner, and snow shovel as well? 1) Group Similar Clothing Items Together Organize winter clothing in a way that makes it easy to find later. As the winter gets cooler, you might take out winter items gradually, starting with gloves and hats, working up to coats and boots when the first blizzard hits. This makes mixed-type bags of clothing inconvenient.…

22 Jun 2015

Between toys, shoes, makeup, utensils and more, our homes are cluttered with stuff. Your drawers are bursting. Your cabinets are full. Your closets are in chaos. You’re running out of space. Instead of trying to shove more things into a cupboard, organize your space with repurposed items. With these ideas you’ll be able to find new uses for old items and keep your household in top-shape! Front door/vestibule: Keep this area clean by suspending a wire mesh utensil organizer near your door. Store keys, sunglasses and other essentials you need to grab before you leave the house. Fashion nails with small heads through the organizer’s mesh and hang hats, purses and gloves. To prevent indoor puddles in the winter months,…

8 Jun 2015

Where do you put all the ‘stuff’ in your house that doesn’t have a proper home? If you’re looking for space-saving concepts that will turn any room into a work of art – or at least keep your things organized – here are five innovative storage ideas: Convert a wine rack into a towel holder. Take a wall-mounted wine rack out of your cellar and in to your bathroom. Wine racks make the perfect storage compartments because you can roll your towels up neatly inside each slot. If you don’t have a free wall in your bathroom, try a smaller freestanding wine rack instead! If you’re like everyone else on this country, you’ve probably got shoes for every season. From…

18 May 2015

Although storage units often come with extra security not found in your own home, some people still prefer to keep their valuables at home. Nonetheless, it is important to keep your valuable possessions hidden for safe keeping. Should your home be burglarized, you don’t want the items to be left out in the open, nor do you want people that enter the home to ever be tempted to take them. So what are the best places to hide valuables in your own home? A wall installed mirror with a storage unit behind it is a safe place to hide valuables. Even though the installation process is more tedious than other storage places throughout the home, it is worth it if…

15 May 2015

People often store away some of the most unusual items. Whether they don’t want them displayed in their homes or simply don’t have space to store them while moving to a smaller location, odd findings are a normalcy in storage units! When storage units are left unpaid for or forgotten, there is a certain amount of time in which the owner of the unit has before they can open the unit and keep or auction off the contents inside. While this is all according to the law within the area you reside in, many storage unit owners have found some astonishingly weird items being stored away, as often seen on shows like ‘Storage Wars.’ So what are among the strangest…

11 May 2015

People often get discouraged when it comes to finding new and innovative ways within the home to disguise and hide clutter. There are many simple ways to do so and all of them are easy enough to do on your own. Use toilet paper rolls to hide cords that aren’t being used. This works well for all of those USB cables that are often left lying around the home. Use a photo box and cut out holes in the back of the box to reel cords through. Then take the decorative box and place it on a shelf where most of the electronics are. This is especially good for entertainment stands. You can even hide the power strip inside of…


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