Storing And Preserve Your Wedding Dress
23 Apr 2018

How to Store and Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Your special day came and went as quickly as everyone warned you it would. They said, “you better soak in every moment of it because it really flies by!” and “oh how my wedding day feels like ages ago!” Now your wedding day is passed and you’re feeling nostalgic with…

Home Office Storage Ideas
22 Mar 2018

Many people will rely on a home office as part of their livelihood simply out of convenience or necessity. Whether you work from home a couple of days a week and the home office space…

Spare Room Ideas
22 Dec 2017

Whether you have a child that just left for college, or no longer have any use for a room that was previously being used as office space or a personal studio, an idle spare room…

Putting Summer Equipment Into Storage
11 Dec 2017

It is that time of year again for many people. We are getting into late fall, snow is already starting to fall in some regions of the country, and it’s time to start thinking about…

DIY Ideas For Plastic Storage Bins
2 Oct 2017

Sometimes all it takes to get a lot out of a little is some creativity. Many people find themselves at a loss when it comes to creating additional storage space for themselves around their homes.…

10 Jul 2017

One of the best things to happen in the world of wine, beer, and spirits is the popularization of home brewing. Even more, with home brewing, those with the skills and equipment can add their own personal tastes and preferences to the beer they drink and offer to friends and family, and even the public on a small scale. Brewing homemade beer, however, involves some pieces of equipment that come with special storage needs to ensure that they are always working correctly. If you are wondering about the best ways to properly store your brewing equipment when not in use, below are some tips to help you out. Invest in hooks and a peg board These storage options are especially…

6 Feb 2017

One of the main things that people complain about when it comes to modern living, especially those with families, is that there is simply not enough space for all of the things you need in your daily life. Many people start to feel bogged down by clutter and can start to feel like hoarders, when in reality, there are a lot of storage options at your disposal to help relieve some of the burden. Below are some creative ways to add storage space to every room. Get a Storage Bed One of the largest unused storage spaces in the bedroom is the vertical space below the bed. Some beds are elevated enough that there is room to shove a couple…

15 Feb 2016

Regardless of the size of your home, it is always ideal to maximize the current space that you do have, opening it up and allowing it to feel more spacious. This becomes ever-important in small spaces, and there are a variety of ways in which to achieve this, which are listed below. Front hallway: Open it Up. Add a small bench or shoe cabinet into your entryway to get shoes off of the floor, which create additional clutter in your home. Shoe hooks are an even better option. Install wall mounted hooks for jackets and backpacks, items which are typically left at the front door. Add a second rod into your closet to get double the amount of space. Use…

25 Jan 2016

The world’s population is growing and space is finite. It’s inevitable. Every day, more and more people compete to live in the limited number of safe, happy, desirable places on this planet and that invariably means, to accommodate all of those people, places not only go up in price, but get smaller. If you live in a major city, and increasingly in smaller cities across North America, you may be trying to figure out how to get by with limited or even non-existent storage space. Here are 5 storage ideas that can help you make the most of a little space. Don’t let your walls go to waste. Bikes, umbrellas, even shoes can all be suspended from the wall. Floor…

18 Jan 2016

Having seasonal items in and around your home, whether it be holiday decorations, patio furniture, or lawn and garden ornaments are a great way to add warmth and feeling all year round. The only problem with switching up your decor as the seasons change is having a place to store the items you are cycling out of rotation. For most families, storage space is at a premium and new and inventive ways to stuff this and that into any available nook and cranny are always being sought. Fortunately, there are storage options that can make remove stress from the situation. Here are the 3 best options for seasonal storage. Self-storage units. A self-storage unit can be a budget friendly and…

4 Jan 2016

The amount of things we accumulate over the course of our lives is staggering. Sometimes after moving or renovating, when we’ve been forced to reorganize or rethink the space we have in our homes, it’s truly mind blowing just how many things we cram into this nook and that cranny. Often, such realizations force us to look for third party storage options and we inevitably end up renting a storage unit to house items we no longer want in the house. But storage units can become cluttered and mismanaged. Here are the 5 best way to utilize your self-storage space. Invest in Pallets. Pallets not only allow you to organize things using a convenient and efficient grid system, but they…

26 Oct 2015

Storage units tend to be even more useful than you think! By following these tips, you can make your unit hold even more stuff, and also make it much easier to use. Plan Ahead Before you begin putting things in your locker, create a diagram showing how you will fit everything in. Consider what can be a good base on which to stack boxes, which boxes you will access the most, and how to keep all parts of the locker as accessible as possible. If it helps, try creating a scale diagram to use when you start storing. Use Vertical Space There are nine meters of height in a storage locker in which you can store things. Most people only…

23 Oct 2015

Do you need to move some things into or out of storage? Here’s what to look for when hiring movers to come to your storage locker. Free Estimates Ideally, you should consider at least three estimates before choosing a moving company. Since there are so many ways of pricing moves, only a particular estimate for your exact situation can really tell you how much it will cost. There is no reason to pay extra for an estimate; if they want to charge you, just try a different company. Remember that estimates, even nonbinding ones, give you legal options as a consumer. You can sue in small claims court for compensation if the actual cost of a move is more than…

19 Oct 2015

To make a budget for storage, you need to plan which things will go into storage, and for how long. Follow these steps to make a lean storage that will cost as little as possible. Inventory Everything Make a list of everything you might want to store. Organize it, roughly, by priority. Make the Hard Choices On your spreadsheet, find the cut-off points for different sizes of storage lockers. At what point do you think you will need to upsize? Which priority items would fit into the smaller size? If it helps, consider diagramming how you will store everything. Remember to leave an aisle or two to make it possible to access items stored at the back. After you have…

16 Oct 2015

Storing a bicycle during the winter season makes a lot of sense, especially if the only other option is outdoor storage exposed to the elements. Storage lockers tend to be more climatically stable than garages, yards, or indoor rooms, keeping bikes in better shape over time. Still, there are some things to consider before putting a bike into storage to make sure that it lasts the winter without damage. Moisture Wrecks Steel Moisture will slowly eat all steel components of your bicycle. If your bike has a steel frame or wheels, these will get eaten too. You can fight moisture in a number of ways: Choosing climate-controlled storage, which also controls humidity. Placing your bike up on blocks or on…

12 Oct 2015

An old joke says that used bookstores are just what happens when a collection gets too big for a house. Well, now there’s a good happy medium option between large collection and bookstore-ownership: storage lockers. Climate Control Books love a very specific climate. According to document conservation experts, the best environment for a book is between 30% and 40% humidity, with a stable temperature no higher than 20 degrees Celsius. Those parameters do not fit an attic or a basement, even finished or air conditioned ones. It is unlikely that even rooms on your main floor can keep the kind of climate that maintains old books. This is especially important if you have older books. Older books are often made…

9 Oct 2015

Self-storage will save you a lot of money in the long run, and we can prove it. Try putting any of these ideas to the test in your budget spreadsheet- you’ll see how much they can help. Save Money on Office Space Savings on office space are the most significant benefits of self-storage. Storage space is much cheaper than office space. Depending on where you rent, a storage locker will cost you somewhere around $2/sq. ft per month, while office space, even cheap office space, will run you at least $8/sq. ft. As a result, every sq. ft of junk that you move out of your office and into storage will save you over $90 a year. Improve Office Aesthetics…

5 Oct 2015

When children temporarily move out, it creates a difficult situation in your home. You’ve probably had dreams for years about what you could do with a little more space, and now you can make them happen- but for only 8 months. Then, your child is probably coming home. These days, it’s unlikely that a young person will be able to afford living away from home during summer, and might even need to spend a few years under your roof after graduating. You can make use of their room, but you’ll need to be able to easily put it back the way it was. Here are some ideas: Home Office The good thing about a home office is that you won’t…

2 Oct 2015

Minimalism is the most important modern trend in home design, driven by articles on the beautiful minimalist homes of celebrities like Bryan Cranston. Some people simply want a simpler, cleaner, more “wealthy” look to their homes, while others are intrigued by the increased resale value provided by neutral tones and open floorplans. No matter your reasons, the following tips will help you succeed at a minimalist redesign. Reduce Minimalism simply cannot work with the amount of stuff in most homes. The first step of any move to minimalism is to go through all your things and categorize them into keep, store, recycle, and trash piles. Any items that you only use in certain seasons, or only a few times a…


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