Why you should rent a self-storage unit while moving
15 Mar 2022

Why You Should Rent a Self-Storage Unit While Moving

Moving can be a tiresome and exhausting process, especially if you are ill-prepared. Renting a self-storage unit can help you to be better equipped once moving day arrives, and gives you some security and peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your belongings. If you are currently…

Advantages of self-storage
8 Nov 2021

Are you on the fence about renting a self-storage unit? Do you need some affordable extra space for your business or even just for your seasonal décor and home supplies? If so, it’s safe to…

Can self-storage benefit home stagers?
1 Nov 2021

When selling your home, the key to attracting buyers is not just the home’s location, size, and price. The number of attractive offers and prospective buyers you receive for your home will be impacted by…

Unique Ways to Use Self-Storage
26 Jul 2021

When you picture self-storage or renting a storage unit, you can usually envision using it for random items, junk, and excess clutter. However, what if your self-storage unit had a purpose other than clearing out…

Self-storage mistakes to avoid
21 Jun 2021

Self-storage is meant to be easy, convenient and essentially a breeze. After all, what better way to keep excess belongings or items safe and secure affordably and without any hassle? Self-storage is safe, secure and…

6 Myths About Self-Storage Refuted
14 Jun 2021

Self-storage has long been used for business inventory, personal belongings and anything from cars to archived paperwork. In terms of what people keep in self-storage units, the list goes on and on. Long-term self-storage units…

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