20 Mar 2015

How To Create Space In Your Shop With Self-Storage

Your storefront is for one thing: showing products to customers! You want customers to see your available merchandise, and the more store space you have, the more you can show. As a result, any space used primarily for storage is a waste. This is especially true in the Greater Toronto Area, where any storefront comes at a premium. Cost of Storage Space versus Shop Space Storage lockers cost, at most $1 per square foot. Let’s compare that to GTA retail space. A decent price in the suburbs is $4 per square foot. That’s not too bad. But in a downtown high-traffic area like Yonge Street? We’ve seen prices over $22 a square foot. If you have a good location, using a single square foot to stack boxes effectively costs you hundreds of dollars a year. The potential savings of storing a larger amount of inventory off-site could be in the thousands! Creating an Off-Site Inventory System The only challenge in…

17 Oct 2014

One of the unwritten rules of moving is that there will be a period of time during the process where some or all of your possessions will have no permanent place to stay. Many people forget this rule when they begin the process, and end up scrambling when the time comes. A self storage unit offers several benefits when you’re moving, and will help the process run a lot more smoothly. For Buyers Sometimes, when you buy a home there is a gap between the time you have to vacate your current dwelling and when you’re able to move in to the new one. Finding accommodations may not be an issue for you, but that doesn’t mean your possessions will…

11 Oct 2010

Helpful Packing Tips and Hints on Moving 1.       Pack Everything! Pack literally everything you have in good quality, filled and closed boxes.  Even if you have to spend some money on good boxes, you will save substantially.  Moving and stowing a box on the truck is much faster than moving individual items and having to find a secure place to store in on the truck.  Putting items in boxes also reduces damage, which will save you money too. 2.       Stage Boxes Something as simple as putting all of your pre-packed boxes in the front room or garage of your home can be simple to do and greatly simplify your move.  This is something you can do in little bits in…

14 Sep 2010

Jiffy Self Storage is helping to raise money for flood victims in Pakistan. According to the United Nations, the floods that began in late July have created “one of the largest humanitarian crises that the UN and its humanitarian partners have ever responded to.” According to the UN more than 200,000 houses have been demolished and in excess of 4.3 million persons are affected. To put it into another perspective, a flood of this magnitude would affect about 12% of the Canadian population or would be close to the entire population of Toronto GTA. Jiffy Toronto matches private donations for Pakistan flood victims. We are disappointed that the response from Canadians was not forthcoming in the…

10 Aug 2010

Since harmonized sales tax (HST) came into effect, increased costs for resale homes has put a damper on the market place. More people will try and buy resale homes in order to save the HST that is only payable on new homes.  Notwithstanding, increased pressure on resale homes, Canada is experiencing the largest decline in pricing since leading the pack in the first quarter of 2010 with largest increase in sales prices.  According to economist Adrianne Warren, “Demand and prices have softened alongside moderating global growth…The slowdown has been the most dramatic in Canada.” Average Canadian sale prices during the first quarter were up 16.6 per cent year over year, but in the second quarter, just 6.6 percent. What this…

30 Nov 2009

Jiffy Work Spaces are especially adapted for small upstart businesses, upgraded with air conditioning, heating, power, light, phone and of course, Internet access, all at a no frills office price. An entire suite of services can be had for a budget office price…and once the commitment is there for small, inexpensive office/workspace, then personal business cards become the next necessity.  To meet this business card need, Jiffy Self Storage in Toronto GTA has partnered with one of the best known, wholesale “design online” business card firms in North America. Just access the business card design interface and often in less than 5 minutes, a professional custom design can be ready for purchasing. Many of our trades and business persons (including general contractors, independent business…

25 Sep 2009

Art of Professional Redesign for achieving the highest resale selling price Home staging is the design process of de-personalizing a private residence prior to putting it up for sale. This is often achieved by undertaking all or some of the following: Decluttering, depersonalizing, updating, painting, rearranging furniture, renting furniture and accessorising. Moving your clutter into a Toronto mini storage facility like Jiffy Self Storage is a small cost relative to the increased benefit of selling your home for a much higher price and you will be getting a head start on packing that will also eliminate some stress down the road. Research has shown that a home stager can cut a home listing’s time by half and can fetch a…


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