15 Sep 2013

#TIFF #Toronto Film Festival Closing Doors For Another Year

It was really one of the best years ever for TIFF. So many stars came up to Toronto to be part of the festival. But behind the scenes are networks of support staff, workers, film producers, directors, script writers – anyone and everyone – in and outside of Toronto, working to make the deals for these new movies and passing “hush, hush” secret scripts for next year’s and years’ following. All of these things happen while all the public’s events are happening. Our Toronto TIFF Film Festival has become so big that it is one of the World’s Top 3 Events for promoting films. At Jiffy Self Storage we are very proud of the boost that TIFF gives to the Toronto economy. So its just not film people or film industry that benefits. It’s everyone in Toronto that benefits from this huge undertaking such as hotels, food suppliers, waiters, tourist operators, overtime civil servants, police, private security – you name…

4 Jan 2012

Great Toronto GTA Jiffy Famous Landmark Contest was a huge 2011 success. Over the year many thousands of contestants had fun playing the contest. Many people wrote back to say that they enjoyed the contest and asked when we will do another. Well here’s the good news. We have just launched a new contest for 2012. The contest grand prize is an Apple iPad. Second prize is a Dell Netbook. The early bird draw that takes place on April 30, 2012, is the world’s most popular eReader. To access the Toronto self storage contest, click here to win a prize. Everyone that plays, also wins a free coupon worth $25.00. Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti was kind enough to draw the grand…

12 Dec 2011

Whether packing them in bags or putting them in storage to turn in at a later date, a nonprofit environmental organization is encouraging Canadians to save their cans, as they are worth money.According to Consigneco, nearly 400 million aluminum cans are not turned into retailers each year. This has robbed Canadians out of $21 million, as the cans are refundable at various locations.To encourage more people to recycle these cans – and improve the environment at the same time – Consigneco recently announced an awareness campaign that reminds consumers to save their cans after drinking them rather than throwing them away."Your cans are valuable," said Pascale Demers, Cosigneco spokeswoman. "Returning them first and foremost benefits the environment, but it also…

24 Sep 2010

Jiffy Self Storage is so excited to offer every visitor a chance to win great prizes just for dropping by www.JiffyStorage.com. That’s right – nothing to buy; no purchase necessary. Just loads of fun playing The Great Toronto GTA Jiffy Landmark Contest. We are so sure that someone in your future will be needing self storage service and we want to be their Toronto storage company. So just for discovering JiffyStorage.com, we want to give you a chance to win an Apple iPad and other great prizes with retail values up to $1,000. Leverage your chances of winning Each successful contestant gets one free contest entry but can easily  bonus leverage their chances of winning prizes with up to 19…

6 Dec 2009

Almost before our eyes the year 2009 is vanishing and we will be starting a brand new year. I know many clients and acquaintances are also asking themselves how the year has gone by so quickly.  This year was a trying year for almost every business but as a self storage business in Toronto we survived quite handily. In spite of continued bad news about the economy last year, in 2009 we initiated many new upgrades to enhance our Toronto self storage services, like new security  systems, additional storage units, new heating and ventilation systems, extra coverage for client inquiries and more smoother and streamlined operations to make GTA mini storage easier to book and we simplified our Jiffy Toronto Self Storage…

1 Oct 2009

At this time of year, most people are settled in for the year and start thinking about gift giving as the year starts to wind down. Jiffy Self Storage recognizes that there is going to be a slow down in personal storage services; so with the annual seasonal slow down, we are always thinking of ways to give something back to our new renters to encourage off season storage rentals. From now until the end of the year, new renters get 3 month’s storage for the price of 2 month’s storage. So if you are running out of space, or need a small unit for storing Christmas and other seasonal gifts, get yourself a small personal storage unit such as…

14 Sep 2009

Top 9 Toronto Self Storage Traffic Tag Tips Having heard our Jiffy Self Storage Toronto Traffic Tags on a number of radio stations, some of our Greater Toronto Customers have asked us for a reprint of the our storage tips list. Check to see if any of these tips have relevence for your specific self storage need. Beware of excessive cold and humidity. Jiffy climate controlled facilities protect furniture and expensive electronics. That’s why smart people store at Jiffy Self Storage. Benefit from experience. Jiffy Self Storage has fulfilled countless storage needs since 1987. Smart moves start at your neighbourhood Jiffy Self Storage. That’s Jiffy Self Storage. True or False? The higher you stack, the more you save. True. Jiffy Self…

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