21 Nov 2012

Self storage helps free up space and streamline office

There are a wide range of reasons why someone might utilize self storage.Self Storage units are commonly used  for those who are moving homes and are in need of storage units to help make a move as easy as possible, while others use the containers to keep items out of the way while undergoing renovations in the home.Storage can also be used if homeowners simply want to free up space in their homes or need to store seasonal items that are just taking up space throughout most of the year.Business owners can also greatly benefit from self storage in the Toronto area. Like homeowners, units can be used to free up space in an office, streamlining business operations and making space look neater, but many small business owners don't know that they can conduct their business operations out of a storage unit.The price for office space is high in the Toronto area and is continuing to rise. Small business owners…

31 May 2012

Canon Canada, a maker of copiers, printers and other equipment, recently moved nearly 40 employees from its office in Burlington, Ontario, to nearby Hamilton, according to The Hamilton Spectator.Hamilton, located just south of Toronto, has been making an effort to attract businesses, but in this case the move wasn't planned by the city. Canon didn't notify anybody they were moving until the switch was nearly completed."We knew nothing about it," Glen Norton, chief of Hamilton's downtown development, told the development. "They didn’t come to us for any incentives or advice or anything. This was a quiet move. They made the decision that Hamilton was where they wanted to go and then gave a broker the mandate to find them the…

29 May 2012

The real estate market in Canada is red-hot, and many Canadians are taking the opportunity to move to other parts of the country. When moving across Canada, it's important that individuals have a place to keep their items securely until they're all moved in, which is why many Toronto self storage facilities have been busy as of late.Signing up for self storage is one task every Canadian on the move should undertake, but changing their address is another. The Canada Post offers a Change of Address form that allows residents to have their mail forwarded from their old address to their new one. Filling out the form has given the Canada Post useful data on why so many Canadians are…

5 Apr 2012

The pharmaceutical company Valeant has announced that it will be moving its global headquarters from Toronto to Montreal, thanks to funds from the Quebec government.The Quebec pharmaceutical industry has seen numerous job losses in recent years, so this is a sign of good news for the region. Valeant is building a new research facility north of Montreal that will focus on dermatology projects.The move is being funded in part by $6 million from the Quebec government, with $2.5 million of that total expected to be repaid over time – although the loan is interest free."The Quebec government was quite generous and accommodating," Valeant chief executive officer Michael Pearson told the Globe and Mail. "We plan to keep growing, and the…

16 Mar 2012

The life of a military family can be hectic, as deployment schedules and reassignments can cause soldiers and their families to move all over. This trend has resulted in an uptick of military families renting at self storage facilities near Fort Drum, New York, reports The Watertown Daily Times.Many soldiers have been assigned to the fort ahead of their deployment overseas, and finding housing in the region is becoming tricky. Owners of affordable self storage units in the area say that they've seen a rise in the number of military families using their services."The people who are now arriving are picking up their wives and families to get housing," Walter VanTassel, who owns one such facility, told the publication. "They…

24 Jun 2011

With Moving Day approaching, some Torontonians may feel inspired to pack up some of their belongings if they are moving to a new location or want to make their places a bit more tidy. And if GTA residents happen to be in Montreal in the next few days, they may want to stop at an IKEA retailer. That’s because between June 25 and June 30, the furniture-selling giant will be handing out 15,000 moving boxes to anyone who needs some. “We are always looking for ways to create a better every day life for our customers,” said Hilary Lloyd, deputy marketing manager for IKEA Canada. “We were gathering insights into Moving Day and found that more than anything it is…

27 Apr 2011

f you’ve been paying attention to housing news in Toronto lately, you know that the city is awash in people moving into new homes. The Toronto Real Estate Board recently reported that home transactions rose significantly in the month of March and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation indicated housing starts increased 17 percent. Not only is this is a good sign for the city’s economy, but it’s good news for the storage industry, as whenever people move, they always bring their belongings with them. But it’s not always easy for busy families to move, especially if said families are seniors or have limited resources. That’s where Jiffy comes in. Not only does Jiffy have the best storage units in…

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