10 ways to organize your home this january
4 Jan 2021

10 Ways to Organize Your Home This January

With a new year right around the corner and people spending more time at home than ever, many are looking for creative ways to organize. Whether you’ve been working from home or just find that your space could be utilized more efficiently, we’ve got you covered. Below is our list…

The Best Way to Organize Your Small Kitchen Appliances
9 Nov 2020

If you want to get the most out of your kitchen and appliances, you ought to be storing items efficiently and according to how often you use them. It also might depend on what type…

Tips to Keep Your Junk Drawer Organized at All Times
2 Nov 2020

Perhaps you have a designated drawer for junk, or you just happen to accumulate all your random clutter in one of your drawers. Either way, junk drawers are easy, convenient and give us a go-to…

How to make room for pets in small spaces?
17 Sep 2020

Pets can be charming, lovable, furry little additions to any family. Most people consider their pets to be just like any other member of the family and dedicate a space in their home, specifically for…

27 Jun 2016

Warmer weather means it’s time to celebrate! While hosting a party can be fun and rewarding, it can also feel like more work and stress than it’s worth. A big problem with preparing your home for a party is all the clutter. Where do your everyday objects go? Here are some tips and tricks to get your home looking its best before a big party! Declutter and organize. While you may be tempted to shove everything into a closet and deal with it later, don’t! Storing items you want out of sight during the party in boxes and labelling everything clearly makes for less of a headache after the party. Whether you’re storing things in a specific room, a closet,…

6 Aug 2013

Your kids finally leaving home and heading off to college might be a bitter-sweet moment. It is that time in life where they have grown enough to fend for themselves in the wild. You might…

14 May 2013

Keeping a home organized after moving can be difficult. Being surrounded by clutter can cause some homeowners to get even more stressed out, which might deter them from wanting to keep their space in order.…

3 May 2013

Getting settled into a new home can seem tedious at first. While unpacking gives the homeowner a chance to get their house organized, it can be a bit chaotic. According to Home Fair, it's a…

30 Apr 2013

When a consumer is preparing to rent a storage unit, it is important that they are able to determine ahead of time what size they will need. Not all people keep their storage units organized;…

21 Aug 2012

Young couples in Toronto may want to jump right into homeownership, but that might not be the best idea until their finances are set in stone. A recent article for MoneySense by Bruce Sellery described why renting may be best for young people who are moving in together.•Potential costs: Young couples may believe that they will save money in the long run if they plan to buy now, however, that's not always the case. Renters need to worry about rent and utilities instead of all the other costs associated with buying such as property taxes, maintenance and interest payments on loans. Purchasing Toronto storage lockers may be more cost efficient.    •Shorter commutes: Couples that rent an apartment, condo or home together…

24 Jul 2012

Attitudes on living are changing in the Greater Toronto Area as residents are entering different stages of their life. According to a joint study conducted by the Royal Bank of Canada and Pembina Institute, 81 percent of respondents said they would give up a larger home for better access to transit and less time spent driving.Purchasing a small home could force Toronto residents to need to find a place for some of their belongings. By investing in affordable self storage in Toronto, families will know the things they can't fit in their houses are in secure storage."Location and life stage matters when deciding the type of home you live in and where you live," said Claude DeMone, director of client…

16 Jul 2012

Tim Stobbs, a 34-year-old engineer from Regina, is hoping to retire from his job as an engineer by the age of 42. The Canadian has been blogging about his experiences on Moneyville.ca, and recently offered readers some tips on how to get out of debt.At a time when interest rates are low, Stobbs recommends paying down your mortgage as quickly as possible. As Stobbs climbed the ladder at his company, he decided to keep his lifestyle relatively the same from when he made less money. This meant holding off on a few vacations and improvements to his home, but at the same time doing so allowed him to more than triple what he had been paying in monthly mortgage payments.While…

3 Jul 2012

What was supposed to be a renovation turned into disaster for one Toronto homeowner after his house shifted to the side as the basement was being dug up.Contractors were reportedly digging out the basement as part of home renovation work, but the soil apparently shifted and caused an issue with the foundation of the house. Now, the home is facing demolition after part of it slid downwards, threatening to fall on the house next door, reports The Toronto Star."Right now it's looking like demolition is the only safe thing to do," Mark Sraga, the city’s director and deputy chief building official, told the news source. "Something shifted inside with respect to the soils which caused the house to shift and…

14 Jun 2012

With the high prices of today's real estate market, it's important for those selling their home to get every penny possible out of their sale. One of the most important steps in the selling process is the appraisal, and self storage units can play a big role in getting a good one.Appraisers have certain things they will look for in a home, but it's not an exact science. While the appraisal is for the house itself and not the items inside it, appraisers are human and can have their opinion influenced by the way a home is presented.Inman News recommends buyers take some steps to get the best appraisal possible. If you've done any recent work on your home, be…

24 May 2012

Recent data has shown Toronto is one of the hottest cities in Canada when it comes to real estate, but some may be surprised to learn that single women are fueling much of the boom in sales.According to Moneyville, single women account for 20 percent of all real estate purchases in the city. That figure rises when solely condos are focused on – among these housing options, women represent nearly 30 percent of all sales. Realtors and condo developers say women make up an even larger portion of the buyers in Toronto's red-hot downtown area."Women have always made a lot of the house buying decisions, but now they have that mandate more than ever, and they can do it on…

3 Feb 2012

The tough economy has caused many people to sell their homes to either relocate for better paying jobs or just to downsize. For people looking to sell their homes fast, there are certain steps that need to be taken including finding out how much a home is actually worth and finding affordable self storage in Toronto or anywhere else to stage the home successfully, Moneyville reports.When people are told bad news by a doctor, they tend to get a second opinion and the same should be done when dealing with realtors, experts advise.  Potential sellers should always interview a few realtors first to gauge what their homes are worth and to find one with qualities sellers feel will work for…

20 Jan 2012

With the new year comes new challenges, and one main trend in resolutions this season is to de-clutter the home. Interior designer Shirley Meisels of MHouse Inc. in Toronto recently gave her tips on proper storage techniques and when to throw things out, The Globe and Mail reports.According to Meisels, many people think to use their spare room as a home office, though unless you work from home, a home office is likely a waste of space. This may be even more true now as banking and record-keeping can mostly be done electronically, meaning there's no need for ample space to store it. Instead, Meisels suggests finding one nice piece of furniture that can house all necessary office items -…

28 Oct 2011

Condos are a hot commodity in the Greater Toronto Area, as sales surged 24 percent in the third quarter, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board. But with the size of condo units averaging just 749 square feet, many baby boomers are having a hard time adjusting to smaller living conditions."I just kept thinking, if I’m going to move into a space this small, it’s going to be at an old folks’ home," said Jack Anderson in an interview with the Toronto Star. Anderson and his wife recently moved into a condo in downtown Toronto that measures 1,200 square feet. Their previous house was 3,000 square feet.As the newspaper reports, smaller condos are the trend in the GTA. Tridel Group,…

27 Jun 2011

A Greater Toronto area woman has 22 million reasons to smile today. According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Association, Vivian Leung of Richmond Hill struck it rich after winning the $22.6 million Lotto Max jackpot June 17. Leung, who rarely plays the lottery, said she just happened to have a free ticket and decided to play it on a whim. “I really didn’t notice the big jackpot amount,” said Leung. “I just knew I had a free ticket to play and I finally found some time last week to cash it in. I just chose a Quick Pick as usual, and this is the ticket that won!” Leung said it wasn’t until the cashier told her how much she’d…

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