Amazon And The Future Of Warehouses
15 Mar 2018

Amazon’s Underwater Storage Facility Is The Future Of...

Amazon is one of the world’s largest, most innovative and successful companies who consistently redefines what it means to operate a warehouse based on the online sale of goods and merchandise. As of last year, Amazon had plans (in the form of a patent) to use either man-made pools or…

28 Aug 2015

Self storage has many wonderful uses. People all over use self storage solutions for a number of different reasons. Regardless of the reason, the units protect the belongings as long as they are stored properly. One of the most habitual users of storage units are EBay sellers. Some people chose to make a living off of their EBay sales. If you are used to selling things online, it would be wise to have somewhere to store your entire inventory. Of course, no one wants a ton of random and miscellaneous items taking over their own home, so self storage is a viable solution to the problem. Benefits of Self Storage for EBay Sellers By using self storage, not only are…

11 Jun 2015

You’ve been working hard to create a brand you can call your own, creating home-made items that you want to share with the world. Now, you’re ready for the big time: Your very own Etsy store. Before you set up shop online, there are five steps to starting an Etsy store that you should follow. Rent a storage unit to house your merch. People often forget that what they’re selling takes up space before it goes to the customer. Instead of having piles of merchandise throughout your home ready for you to trip over, get a storage unit. Having a unit as your stockroom is cheaper than renting an office or workspace, and you will be the only one with…

8 Oct 2012

Youtube videos are increasingly being utilized as a marketing tool to increase Search Engine Optimization, growing a website's Google rankings, and therefore helping boost a company's attention. Boosting online traffic is particularly important for small business owners looking to get their company's name out there.Toronto self storage is another option that can save small business owners money, helping them spend that money elsewhere, like on a Youtube marketing campaign that will help get their name out to consumers.When posting a video on Youtube, the title is crucial in attracting a broad audience. It is also important to use keywords in the title to increase the ranking of a video in search engines, helping consumers locate specific products easier.The description placed…

30 Jan 2012

More businesses are being run online these days, as the cost of retail space continues to go up. With online businesses, owners are able to increase their profits without having to pay for storage, or upping the marketing costs, Off the Grid News reports.According to the source, many companies nowadays are looking into cross-selling – "the practice of promoting complimentary products or services in addition to selling items." is a leader in this field.In order for other businesses to thrive in this department, the source reports it's important for them to remain relevant to what consumers want. They need to make sure all product suggestions are carefully marketed to buyers' interests to avoid clutter or disarray.Cutting costs on retail…

23 Nov 2011

With the holiday season's arrival, many Torontonians are likely making room in their storage spaces so that they can add some of their old belongings, anticipating lots of gifts will be waiting for them Christmas morning. And a new online survey indicates when holiday gift givers will be shopping for these presents.According to eBay Canada, November 27 is projected to be the busiest online shopping for Canadians in 2011, with an estimated 500,000 shoppers expected to shop the online auction site. This translates into two gifts being purchased every second – a 17 percent rise compared to 2010.But it's not just eBay that consumers will be visiting to shop. Over the entire holiday season, 40 percent of Canadians said they…

29 Jul 2011

A new survey is revealing an increasing number of Canadians are taking advantage of the most up-to-date technology when it comes to internet accessibility. According to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, in 2010, the number of Canadian households with broadband web access increased nearly 10 percent to 9 million, while homeowners fitted with wireless services rose 8.5 percent to 25 million. Konrad von Finckenstein, chairman of the CRTC, said the findings bode well for the future. “It is encouraging to see Canadians taking up broadband internet and wireless services in such large numbers,” said von Finckenstein. “This not only signals a strong participation in the digital economy, but is also a clear indication that Canadians are increasingly using a…


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