28 Aug 2015

How Can Self Storage Help EBay Sellers?

Self storage has many wonderful uses. People all over use self storage solutions for a number of different reasons. Regardless of the reason, the units protect the belongings as long as they are stored properly. One of the most habitual users of storage units are EBay sellers. Some people chose to make a living off of their EBay sales. If you are used to selling things online, it would be wise to have somewhere to store your entire inventory. Of course, no one wants a ton of random and miscellaneous items taking over their own home, so self storage is a viable solution to the problem. Benefits of Self Storage for EBay Sellers By using self storage, not only are you keeping your office or residential property free of the extra clutter, but you are giving the items a safe haven until they are sold. As long as you store the items appropriately, they should remain safe and sound. The…

11 Jun 2015

You’ve been working hard to create a brand you can call your own, creating home-made items that you want to share with the world. Now, you’re ready for the big time: Your very own Etsy store. Before you set up shop online, there are five steps to starting an Etsy store that you should follow. Rent a storage unit to house your merch. People often forget that what they’re selling takes up space before it goes to the customer. Instead of having piles of merchandise throughout your home ready for you to trip over, get a storage unit. Having a unit as your stockroom is cheaper than renting an office or workspace, and you will be the only one with…


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