15 Jan 2014

Collectible Luggage from Around the World

One of the more affordable collectibles, vintage luggage and purses can be wonderful insights into the styles and aesthetics of various time periods and cultures. From hat boxes to stewardess carry-on bags, a wealth of vintage pieces are available for collectors in just about any price range. Here are some great examples of neat finds to help you get started or add to your collection. Pan Am Flight Bag This rare vintage Pan Am Flight Bag is white with a blue Pan Am logo. Approximately 50 years old, this authentic piece has been used and is in fair condition with functioning zippers although the plastic feet have snapped off. Pan Am collector’s items are very popular with plane enthusiasts as well so this piece is a hot commodity in more than one market. Origin: Thailand. Price: $39.99 + shipping. Vintage Hat Box Featuring the original fabric on the interior, this vintage hatbox is a classic collector’s piece and would look…

12 Nov 2013

Can Sharks Teeth be Worth Money?

While the right shark tooth can be worth a fair amount of money, there are many sharks teeth available on the market and many of them are small, unimpressive specimens used in cheap jewelry. Great White sharks teeth and Megalodon teeth can be worth a pretty penny, however. Typically the larger a shark tooth is the more it will be worth but there are some caveats to that rule. What to Look For There are several key factors in evaluating the value of a shark’s tooth, particularly at the higher end of the scale such as Megalodon teeth. These factors include: Condition; Size; Restoration; Shape; and Color. Condition: The condition of a tooth takes into account a few different factors. First, the condition of the enamel on the tooth is an important aspect and can greatly increase (or decrease) its…

14 Aug 2013

Self storage a great option to free a home from clutter

Those with clutter piling up in their home should know that there is a solution to clearing out items without having to get rid of them. Self storage has a number of benefits for those looking…

12 Aug 2013

Protect items from floods by using self storage

Whether it's a horrendous storm or just a blocked sewer, a flood can damage a home and its items in what seems like the blink of an eye. One day you are enjoying your basement…

8 Aug 2013

Why choose the best when it comes to self storage

Sure when you are talking about cleaning your countertop, a cheap brand might do the job as well as a name-brand cleaner. However, when you are talking about more important things, like storing your valuable…

6 Aug 2013

Self storage ideal for an empty nest

Your kids finally leaving home and heading off to college might be a bitter-sweet moment. It is that time in life where they have grown enough to fend for themselves in the wild. You might…

31 Jul 2013

No security deposit for Jiffy Self Storage

Jiffy Self Storage goes above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers. That's why it doesn't charge a security deposit when renting a storage unit. Jiffy would rather not financially burden a customer…

26 Jul 2013

Reserving a storage unit in advance has its benefits

When buying anything, it's usually always cheaper to plan for the long term, and the same goes when obtaining a self storage unit. At Jiffy Self Storage, you will be rewarded for knowing your plans and…

25 Jul 2013

Home prices on the rise in Toronto

A recent report from Remax Ontario-Atlantic Canada indicated that home prices in a number of Toronto neighborhoods are averaging more than $1 million.According to the report, the average price in Don Mills, Parkwoods-Donalda and Victoria…

22 Jul 2013

Advice when moving into a condo in Toronto

The cost of living in downtown Toronto is more than outside city, and space should be savored. As you are paying a higher rent, you will want to ensure you are getting the most for…

19 Jul 2013

Self storage frees a home from clutter

Any homeowner knows that sometimes clutter accumulates. It's about as unavoidable as paying taxes. However, those looking to finally take a stand should take some advice in ways to cut down on clutter.Storage units are available Renting…

16 Jul 2013

Both homes sales and prices jump in Canada

The Canadian Real Estate Association recently reported that prices of existing homes in Canada increased 4.8 percent in June on a year-over-year comparison, while national sales jumped 3.3 percent on a month-over-month comparison."Increases in mortgage…

10 Jul 2013

Leasing benefits offered for self storage

Self storage provides a number of benefits for homeowners looking for help during a home move or just wanting to free up some clutter. Storage unites can be a safe haven for your most valuable…

9 Jul 2013

Tips for downsizing a home

As moving from a single-family home to condominium is a common trend these days in Canada, those doing so should take a few tips to help them save on space. Organize Those moving into a smaller…

3 Jul 2013

Preparing your valuables for self storage

Those looking to rent a self storage unit for their valuables should first find a reputable facility that ensures your belongings will be kept safe and sound. From there, you can decide how big of a space…

28 Jun 2013

The ease of using self storage

Self storage facilities likely offer a number of services that consumers are not aware of and could be the deal breaker in whether they decide to store their valuables. For instance, reputable self storage facilities provide…

28 Jun 2013

Why the cheapest self storage might be the wrong choice

 When choosing a self storage facility, price will be something on your mind. However, that should not be sole factor when deciding on which place to go with. While some places will be cheaper than others,…

26 Jun 2013

Why you should choose self storage for seasonal items

Whether it's that pair of roller skates in the winter or pair of ice skates in the summer, utilizing self storage for seasonal items can save you space in your home. But don't just think…

25 Jun 2013

Top misconceptions about self storage

When deciding on whether or not you need a storage unit, don't let the common misconceptions influence your decision. Myth: My items won't be safeFact: Self storage provides a safe haven for valuables you do not…