Vehicle storage made easy at Jiffy.
14 Aug 2013

Is there a place to store my vehicle?

Many people are unaware that there are facilities where you can store your vehicle. Whether you are looking to keep your landscape equipment and trailer locked up while you are not using it for the winter, or you are skipping out on using your truck during the summer, Jiffy Self…

Flooded home? Jiffy's got you covered.
12 Aug 2013

Protect items from floods by using self storage

Whether it's a horrendous storm or just a blocked sewer, a flood can damage a home and its items in what seems like the blink of an eye. One day you are enjoying your basement…

Booking storage units in advance has its benefits.
9 Aug 2013

Why you should rent a storage unit in advance

Procrastination: We all do it. However, when it comes to storing your valuables, this might be one time where you will want to plan ahead. Those in need of self storage units should get the ball…

Make the most out of your self storage unit.
8 Aug 2013

How to store your valuable efficiently

Those utilizing self storage facilities might just think they can pile their belongings into a unit and hope for the best. While you are surely entitled to use your storage unit however you want, there is…

Jiffy is a leading self storage facility in Toronto.
8 Aug 2013

Why choose the best when it comes to self storage

Sure when you are talking about cleaning your countertop, a cheap brand might do the job as well as a name-brand cleaner. However, when you are talking about more important things, like storing your valuable…

Get rid of your clutter.
7 Aug 2013

Self storage helps clear a home of its clutter

A messy home can be unsightly, but there is a solution. Self storage is an inexpensive way to free your home from the grips of clutter. Whether you are hosting a party in the near future…

Home sales on the rise in the GTA.
5 Aug 2013

Toronto home sales jump in July

The latest report from the Toronto Real Estate Board showed that home sales in the greater Toronto area were up 16 percent in July on a year-over-year comparison, marking levels not seen since 2009. "We are forecasting…

Stop searching for a reputable storage facility.
2 Aug 2013

The ease of using Jiffy Self Storage

While many storage facilities claim they are clean, secure and accessible, that's not always the case. However, Jiffy Self Storage lives up to its claims.If you are not convinced by Jiffy's excellent ratings by the…

A lawn mower can take up a lot of space during the winter.
31 Jul 2013

What should I do with my seasonal items when I’m not using

Whether they are piling up in your garage or basement, seasonal items that you are not using can clutter up a home.As you are likely paying enough as it is for rent or a mortgage,…

Don't trust your stuff to anything but the best.
31 Jul 2013

Why choose reputable storage facilities?

When considering your storage options, the thought might cross your mind to choose the cheapest facility possible. However, that could be a big mistake.Storage is there to house your personal belongings, so would you really…

Jiffy Self Storage makes access easy.
30 Jul 2013

Accessibility: A top reason for choosing reputable storage facilities

While there are a number of benefits to choosing trusted self storage facilities – whether the security is better or they are cleaner – one often forgot about advantage is their easy accessibility.The items being…

Moving day made easy with self storage.
30 Jul 2013

Easing the stress come moving day

Moving into a new home can be one of the most exciting times in life, but it can also be stressful.You have to worry about getting all your things from your old home to your new…

Climate control is just one perk at reputable storage facilities.
29 Jul 2013

The perks of reputable storage facilities

Depending on where you go for your storage needs, you might be missing out on some perks.Storage facilities are available that offer climate-controlled units to house delicate items. So what does this mean exactly?Climate-controlled units…

There's no need for lawn mowers in December.
25 Jul 2013

Seasonal storage ideal for decluttering a home

Do you find yourself tripping over clutter in your house? Is it stuff that you only use a couple weeks out of the year?Seasonal storage is ideal for freeing a home from the grips of clutter.…

Jiffy ensures items are safe and sound.
24 Jul 2013

Security a top benefit of self storage

Many consumers may be worried about how secure their items will be in self storage, but fear not. Jiffy Self Storage is a top provider of self storage in Toronto and ensures valuables are safe and sound.…

Storage unis help home and business owners.
24 Jul 2013

Not sure what size storage unit you need? No problem

Many home and business owners would benefit from self storage but fear they would either pay for space they don't need or wouldn't have enough room to fit their belongings. Units are available to suit the…

Get the most out of the space you have.
22 Jul 2013

Advice when moving into a condo in Toronto

The cost of living in downtown Toronto is more than outside city, and space should be savored. As you are paying a higher rent, you will want to ensure you are getting the most for…

Free up a home office from clutter with self storage.
19 Jul 2013

Self storage frees a home from clutter

Any homeowner knows that sometimes clutter accumulates. It's about as unavoidable as paying taxes. However, those looking to finally take a stand should take some advice in ways to cut down on clutter.Storage units are available Renting…

Home prices rising in Toronto in 2013.
17 Jul 2013

Home prices on the rise in Toronto

A recent report from Royal LePage showed that home prices in Toronto are expected to increase 2.5 percent in 2013, as rising mortgage rates and a low inventory continue to push prices upward. Toronto is expected…