Stop stressing about where you should you put your business documents.
1 Aug 2013

Small-business owners find help at self-storage facilities

Most small-business owners are unaware of the benefits self storage can have to streamlining operations at an office. The primary advantage of using self storage is to clear a space from clutter. While this in itself can help to make an office run more efficiently, freeing up space, it's not the only…

Jiffy helps keep your documents safe.
31 Jul 2013

Document storage available at Jiffy Self Storage

Whether it is papers piling up at home or in the office, leaving sensitive documents around can be a liability. Even if you are storing something on a computer, accidents happen, and hard drives are…

Document storage is one underrated benefit of self storage.
30 Jul 2013

The underrated benefits of self storage

When most people think of self storage units, they think of a place where they can keep their valuables, primarily when they are involved in a home move. However, there are far more benefits than…

Storage unis help home and business owners.
24 Jul 2013

Not sure what size storage unit you need? No problem

Many home and business owners would benefit from self storage but fear they would either pay for space they don't need or wouldn't have enough room to fit their belongings. Units are available to suit the…

Small-business owners benefit from self storage.
18 Jul 2013

Jiffy Self Storage suited for small-business owners

Small-business owners always need to watch their budget to ensure they are spending wisely, and Jiffy Self Storage is making that a little easier.Storage units are available to help streamline small-business operations. Self storage is…

Keep those important papers safe with self storage.
12 Jul 2013

Self storage offers a safe haven for valuable documents

Any home or business owner likely has one-of-a-kind documents lying around their house. Okay, maybe they are locked away in a file cabinet or stored on a hard drive, but does that mean they are…

Self storage keeps documents safe.
5 Jul 2013

Self storage a smart option for important documents

Even though more is being saved to computers these days, home and business owners still have documents that are important or can't be replaced. Whether it's a car title or irreplaceable financial documents, keeping these…

Small businesses can ditch the paper and go digital.
2 Jul 2013

Small businesses looking to reduce paper should utilize self storage

In today's world of mobile devices and social media, small businesses are increasingly reducing the amount of paper in their offices. This can not only make an office space look cleaner but it can improve…

Keep those important documents safe at self storage.
28 Jun 2013

Keeping documents safe in self storage

While many home and business owners have important and one-of-a-kind documents stored on their computers, often that doesn't provide peace of mind. Hard drives can crash, computers are susceptible to viruses and any number things can happen when one…

Help your small business by running the numbers.
19 Jun 2013

Small businesses should assess themselves halfway through the year

As it is now six months into the year, every small-business owner should take a step back and assess their progress in the first half of the year. Crunching the numbers and seeing how you…

Small businesses are more flexible with a good mobile marketing strategy.
14 Jun 2013

Small businesses benefit from mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has been increasing in popularity since the rise of the smartphone.Any small business can benefit from implementing a mobile market campaign. This can be particularly beneficial because it allows a business to be…

Crowdfunding can help an idea or product get going.
5 Jun 2013

Crowdfunding gaining in popularity

Entrepreneurs often get held up by their finances early on, but one outlet might provide a solution. Crowdfunding is a new phenomenon sweeping small businesses across the globe. The idea is an that entrepreneur posts an innovative…

Dust off your old business archives and streamline your office environment by using self storage.
24 May 2013

As small businesses go paperless, self storage a great option for...

As more small businesses tackle the paper war with human resources software and document storage, questions are raised concerning the documents that cannot be digitized, like incoming notes from clients, customers and employees, as well…

The healthcare industry is moving to an electronic storage system.
30 Apr 2013

Hospitals moving to electronic records, putting hard copies in

With numerous hospitals and healthcare aficionados turning to the digital storage of confidential patient records, hard copies of the past are becoming increasingly antiquated by the day.But that doesn't mean hard copies are going away…

There isn't any plan to increase security at Toronto's GoodLife marathon.
16 Apr 2013

Toronto marathon not expected to have increased security personnel

Despite the devastation following the Boston Marathon bombings, Toronto officials recently announced they don't have any plans on bringing in additional security officers for the city's GoodLife Marathon in May. According to the Toronto Star, Constable Wendy Drummond…

Mayor Ford said he doesn't have a problem with an airline using its jets on the runways at Toronto's airport.
11 Apr 2013

Mayor Ford supports airline’s request for runway use

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford recently announced that he doesn't have any issues with Porter Airlines' jet service to begin using the runways at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. According to the Toronto Star, Ford said…

A Toronto government official was rushed to the hospital.
29 Mar 2013

Toronto councillor rushed to hospital

A surgery for Toronto councillor Giorgio Mammoliti was scheduled recently after he was rushed to the hospital. According to the Toronto Star, it hasn't been announced what type of surgery is needed, but officials did announce…

The UN recently developed an anti-drought initiative.
29 Mar 2013

UN officials upset with Canadian decision to back out of initiative

After Canadian officials announced they wanted to withdraw from the United Nation convention that is fighting against the spread of droughts, some officials believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper will regret his decision down the line. According to the…

The number of parking tickets being canceled in Toronto is increasing.
29 Mar 2013

Parking tickets canceled more often in Toronto

New reports surfaced that suggest about one-quarter of parking tickets issued in Toronto never make it to court. According to the Toronto Star, the number of canceled parking tickets has increased about 5.5 percent within…