Our Ultimate Moving Checklist
29 Mar 2018

Jiffy Storage’ Ultimate Moving Checklist

Whether we like it or not, moving is something we all must undertake at least a couple of times throughout our lives. For many people, it is incredibly stressful and unnerving. Just the thought of picking up and moving an entire life with often decades worth of belongings, memories and…

Getting Rid Of Things Before A Move
17 Aug 2017

Moving not only means deciding what you are going to take with you, it also means deciding what you are not going to take with you. Purging before a move is just as important as…

How To Move In An Environmentally Friendly Way
14 Aug 2017

Moving often entails a lot of waste that many people might not even realize they are creating. But there is such a thing as an environmentally friendly move, and whether it be furniture storage, or…

Protecting Your Belongings From Dust And Damage While Moving
4 Aug 2017

When you’re moving, it can often seem like you have entered survival mode. All you are concentrating on is getting your life from point a to point b, and very little else. This mindset is…

20 Mar 2017

Moving is no easy task. That is why moving companies make a killing; they know that people will go to great lengths and invest a lot of money to avoid having to do all of the heavy lifting themselves. The stress and chaos of moving is unavoidable, but there are certain tricks you can use to help make the process as painless as possible. If you haven’t considered storing certain items during a move, you might want to. Below are some items you should consider for short term storage while moving and why it makes sense. Doubles The first task should be to scour your house for anything that you have doubles of. The kitchen is a good place to…

30 Dec 2016

There is an unmistakable trend these days of adult children moving back in with their parents, if only temporarily. This is because life in the 21st century has gotten so competitive, and so expensive, especially in large urban centres, that many children, especially recent graduates, simply cannot afford to be living on their own yet. If you find yourself in the exact situation described above, below are five tips for moving back in with your parents that will help make the lifestyle change easier on both you and them. Remember Your Family Is Doing You a Favour This is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind and will go the furthest towards making sure it is a pleasant,…

21 Mar 2016

Whether it’s for work, education, or personal reasons, a temporary move overseas can leave you with the difficult dilemma of what to do with your things. While personal items like clothes, small electronics, and toiletries can be brought with you, what about larger things: furniture, art and home decor, book collections, televisions, bicycles, collectibles, or cars? If you’re only moving temporarily, it just doesn’t make sense to spend all the money to move these large items overseas. Additionally, you may be moving around a lot when you’re abroad, or living somewhere that’s already furnished. On the other hand, since you know your move isn’t permanent, you can’t justify selling or giving away your valuable belongings! You also don’t want to…

18 Mar 2016

When moving with our furry friends, there’s a lot more we have to take into consideration. Animals don’t understand change the same way we do, and they can have a harder time travelling and adjusting. We’d do anything to keep our pets comfortable, so here are a few DO’s and DON’T’s when it comes to moving with your pets! DO’s Get your pet used to a carrier: Whether you are moving by car, or by plane, your pet will need to adjust to long hours spent in a small space. Many dogs are already crate-trained, or used to travelling in the car, but this can be particularly difficult with cats. Spend time before the move getting your pet used to…

1 Feb 2016

Moving in with a spouse for the first time is certainly an exciting time in any relationship. However, it can present its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to blending accumulated belongings from two different lives into one. You can make the transition much easier and minimize your stress levels by following these tips: Downsize Belongings First. Taking an inventory of each person’s belongings beforehand is essential to ensuring that you both haven’t brought two toasters (and a lot of unnecessary clutter) into your new home. Before you move, decide what items will be sold, donated or thrown away. Measure Remaining Furniture. This will save you a lot of stress on moving day if you know ahead of…

10 Dec 2015

Moving can be an enormous undertaking. You spend so many years in one place building a life and accumulating the things that help you live it, that it is often hard to nail down the logistics of it all, particularly forecasting the costs involved. Here are some tips to help you plan for a budget friendly move. Choose your moving company wisely. As with most endeavors, one of, if not the largest costs involved is the labor. If you don’t have access to a large vehicle or people able to help you move, paying a moving company and its employees to move your belongings from point A to point B is likely to comprise the largest part of your moving…


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