16 Jan 2017

5 Ways To Reduce Junk At Home By Recycling

It’s a shame how much waste most of us accumulate over the course of a year. Running a modern home and taking care of our families demands that we buy things, get rid of things and repeat the cycle. Often, whether because we are unsure of what can be recycled, or how to extend the useful life of something, our junk ends up in the trash, which is bad for the environment and our ecological footprint. Below are five ways to reduce junk at home by recycling. Plastic Bags If you find yourself with a surplus of plastic grocery bags (as most of us unfortunately do) you can check and see if your local grocery store has a plastic bag recycling program. You can also use old plastic bags as garbage bin liners, to pick up dog poo, as wrapping for things you are shipping, or, if you’re out of plastic wrap, to store fruit and vegetables in. Milk Cartons…

6 Dec 2011

In the weeks after Christmas, it's no surprise that garbage disposal tends to increase, as Canadians toss out torn-up wrapping paper, styrofoam and cardboard boxes that covered their gifts. But something else that's often found amidst trash in the weeks after the holiday are Christmas trees.As a result, Waste Management Canada has made an appeal to Canadians to dispose of these holiday staples properly, releasing "A plea from your Christmas tree.""Millions of Canadians will have a Christmas tree this year, but many don't recognize that I and thousands of my fellow tree friends can be recycled and put to greater use," the WM Canada Christmas tree said. "To my relief and that of thousands of natural Christmas trees across the…

22 Aug 2011

While graffiti on building walls is nothing new to the world of public art, spray-painting abandoned bicycles scattered throughout Toronto has become the latest trend in chic city art, reports say.The Good Bike Project began after one Toronto woman spotted a months-long abandoned bike and decided to turn the trashed item into art by giving it a neon pink coat of spray paint. Since that one bike was painted, numerous other forsaken bikes have become the focus of beautification by locals.While some citizens don't like the bright, refurbished bicycle – and others like it around the city – many are enthused by the initiative."Ninety-nine per cent of the reaction has been really, really positive," Vanessa Nicholas, who helped form the…

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