16 Jan 2017

5 Ways To Reduce Junk At Home By Recycling

It’s a shame how much waste most of us accumulate over the course of a year. Running a modern home and taking care of our families demands that we buy things, get rid of things and repeat the cycle. Often, whether because we are unsure of what can be recycled, or how to extend the useful life of something, our junk ends up in the trash, which is bad for the environment and our ecological footprint. Below are five ways to reduce junk at home by recycling. Plastic Bags If you find yourself with a surplus of plastic grocery bags (as most of us unfortunately do) you can check and see if your local grocery store has a plastic bag recycling program. You can also use old plastic bags as garbage bin liners, to pick up dog poo, as wrapping for things you are shipping, or, if you’re out of plastic wrap, to store fruit and vegetables in. Milk Cartons…


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