17 Feb 2017

How To Pack Your Jewellery For A Move Or Long Term Storage

For most people, their jewellery has a considerable amount of sentimental value, not to mention the mere monetary value. People have pieces of jewellery that they not only enjoy wearing themselves, but may be thinking about passing down to the next generation. They may even have items which have been passed down through several generations. If you are planning an upcoming move, or are looking to get some of your jewellery stored away long term, below are some tips for packing to make sure everything remains safe and sound. Necklaces and Bracelets The biggest difficulty in packing necklaces and bracelets is that the chains and loose pieces can easily get tangled and, if moved the wrong way, can actually break, or cause other pieces of jewellery to break. The best way to secure the chains is by threading them through drinking straws, paper towel or toilet paper rolls. After the chains have been secured, you can wrap the piece of…


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