19 Sep 2014

Tandem Truck Parking Available With Power For Your Block Heaters

Jiffy Self Storage gets many requests for and questions about outdoor truck parking in Toronto during the winter. Here are some of the more common questions, along with what is all of the information you will need about Jiffy’s long-term parking service. 1. Do you provide truck storage parking services for large trucks in Toronto? Yes, we do! In fact, Jiffy Self Storage has been providing this service for many years and is one of the more trusted places for professional drivers to park their dump trucks and other large vehicles during the harsh winter months. 2. Can I plug my block heater in? Yes! We supply power to our tenants’ block heaters so that they can start their trucks quickly and easily, no matter what the outside temperature. 3. Do you have a lot of extra spaces available just in case I decide last minute to park my truck at Jiffy Self Storage? Jiffy Self Storage has a fantastic…

7 Sep 2013

New budget Office/Workspaces available. Everything you need to run your office/workspace at low monthly cost. Why pay more when you can get it for less? CALL 1-866-821-8364 for details. You can depend on Jiffy Workspaces: Rent a Jiffy Workspace for as short or long as necessary. Reserve the most economical workspace size. Our co-ordinated solution saves you money. Contact us now…before they’re all gone! CALL 1-866-821-8364 for details. Affordable monthly rent No long term leases. Perfect for seasonal work, or entrepreneur trying out new business. Internet access available. Air conditioning and heating. Immediate visitor parking. Additional storage on site. Shipping/receiving Area. Roll up garage doors and standard doors. Workspaces of varying sizes and layouts. All-day breakfast, hardware. movers, Jiffy Storage…

2 Aug 2013

While many storage facilities claim they are clean, secure and accessible, that's not always the case. However, Jiffy Self Storage lives up to its claims.If you are not convinced by Jiffy's excellent ratings by the…

19 Jul 2013

Thousands of homes and businesses across Toronto GTA have been tremendously damaged by the recent torrential rainfall and subsequent flooding. Basements, furniture and many ground level dwellings have sustained millions of dollars of damage. Even with the City of Toronto investing tens of millions of dollars into storm water management, back flow from drainage systems and sewers are inevitable. Furthermore, many ground level storage facilities across the city were not spared and also sustained severe flood damage. This left many storage tenants at a loss. Many valuable pieces of furniture and all sorts of items were destroyed. Why take the risk again? Absolutely none of our storage units were compromised. Many of our abroad and local tenants panic called in…

23 Apr 2013

Are you part of a niche market of demanding persons that need more upscale and sophisticated storage options? Deluxe air-conditioned storage units are brightly lit & extremely clean Persons with irreplaceable heirlooms, estate executors and professional art collectors can benefit from Jiffy Self-Storage upscale storage, thereby providing more storage choices and diversity in a tight storage market. These deluxe storage units are brightly lit, extremely clean, versatile and secure. Boasting extra wide loading doors, high ceilings, air conditioning, heating, low humidity and ventilated filtered air, each unit is also available with individual security alarm, multiple power outlets and internet access. Fine furniture art will thrive in air conditioned comfort & reduced humidity These…

29 Mar 2013

After Canadian officials announced they wanted to withdraw from the United Nation convention that is fighting against the spread of droughts, some officials believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper will regret his decision down the line. According to the…

10 Sep 2012

Patrick Anderson led the the Canadian wheelchair basketball team to a gold at the Paralympic Games over the weekend. Anderson scored 34 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists in the 64-58 victory over Australia.The Canadian victory is a good reminder to any sporting goods store owners in the Toronto area, with a need for extra space, that they should consider Toronto affordable self storage for their benefit.The Canadians avenged themselves, after losing the gold in 2008 to the Australians. They went undefeated throughout the tournament, going 8-0. Anderson was the leading scorer of the tournament, contributing 200 points throughout."It feels like the first medal I've ever won somehow," Anderson told the Canadian Press. "I'm not sure exactly why just yet.…

29 Aug 2012

Toronto’s leading Self Storage service provider, Jiffy Self-Storage, is proud to announce that they now offer one of the lowest self-storage pricing in Toronto. As Toronto’s real estate market continues to flourish, home owners are faced with the many burdens of moving. As an industry innovator Jiffy Self-Storage has widened its scope of services to accommodate even more home owners’ needs. Jiffy has just finished building brand new low priced 5ft x 5ft x 3.5ft high  and 5ft x 5ft x 5ft high storage units. Jiffy Self-Storage pricing in Toronto starts at $39.95/month for the 3.5ft high unit and $49.95/month for the 5ft high unit. Also take advantage of this limited time promotion: Pre-pay your first 2 months’ rent and get the third…

17 Nov 2011

The Conference Board of Canada recently released numbers that detail the extent of the economic impact the country endured over two decades when business growth was sluggish.According to the CBC's report, if productivity had been comparable to what the U.S. generated between 1988 and 2008, Canada's gross domestic product would have been $8,500 higher, personal disposable income would have been $7,500 greater and corporate earnings would have been 40 percent stronger. In addition, federal government revenues would have been 31 percent more robust."Putting it plainly, increasing our productivity growth performance over the past two decades to equal that of our neighbor would have significantly increased Canadian wealth and improved our standard of living," said Mario Lefebvre, director of the CBC's…

27 Jun 2010

Where were you when the Richter scale measured 5.5? If you felt some trembling or shaking around you, probably you did not realize that there was a real earthquake in our area but when you found out that what you felt was an earthquake, you talked up the situation with everyone around you. When something goes wrong, we like to tell everyone about the incident. When something good happens, we like to tell people about the event. We also have a great story to tell about our Jiffy Self Storage Toronto building. There was a rumble from within the bowels of our Toronto storage building but our reinforced concrete building survived quake trauma entirely intact. Our 6-inch reinforced concrete floors,…

1 Jun 2010

For companies in the process of making warehousing and storage decisions, there is a broad spectrum of options that should be considered. For those in need of large-scale complex materials handling, the warehousing function is often better left to a third party specialist. On the other end of the spectrum are unserviced spaces, which offer little more than 3 walls and a loading door (if you’re lucky). Between the extremes lies a unique option which is proving to be highly effective for a growing number of companies. A new breed of self-storage facility has emerged, designed explicitly to meet the needs of businesses. With a range of basic services including internet connectivity, security, climate-controlled warehouses, meeting space, and parcel reception and handling,…

15 May 2010

As a successful international speaker, Jeff’s travels take him all over the world to various speaking engagements. Jeff has published a number of books related to his expertise. (more…)

14 Apr 2010

I don’t know a single person that’s in love with moving and storing – but sometimes life shattering events happen that result in radical changes for households and businesses. Persons going through separation, divorce, executors managing estates, sudden illnesses, forced downsizings, persons retiring from businesses – all of these are individuals going through unexpected life disruptions and Jiffy Storage can manage all their problems of moving and downsizing – from supplying boxes and in-home moving packers, arranging for trucks and movers to money saving packing tips that go along way for reducing storage costs. We are more than just another Toronto storage company  –  Jiffy Self Storage has staff with expertise to deal with other peoples’ storage problems so they don’t have to. Many…

28 Mar 2010

Allan Barkin is sharing his considerable storage knowledge and experience at the Doubletree Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel, where he will speak at the launch of the 2010 Consumers’ Choice Awards for Business Excellence program on March 31st, 2010 http://bit.ly/dp92UC. Unprecedented feat in Toronto Self Storage The research firm Léger Marketing has named Jiffy Self Storage a winner of the Consumer Choice Awards for the 14th consecutive year! According to one very satisfied customer, Jiffy Self Storage is “Absolutely excellent, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” You can see why when you check out the question below. Question: “Does your Toronto storage facilities have mail boxes for personal or business use?” Answer: “You can rent a personal mail…

10 Jan 2010

Part 1 on other people’s Toronto storage problems was read by so many persons that we have compiled an updated list of Toronto GTA mini storage requests covering the period from Nov 2009 through Dec 2009. Completed email forms for self storage “help” came from many Toronto neighbourhoods: Mid-Town Toronto, North York, Forest Hill, Downtown Toronto, Markham, Rosedale, Etobicoke, Bloor West, Leaside, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Mississauga. And we are ready to help them all. We have a self storage space ready in our Toronto storage facilities ready for each of their personal storage needs. Jiffy Self Storage in Toronto is equipped to handle virtually every public self storage need. See if you recognize a self storage need here that is similar to yours. I am looking…

1 Jan 2010

Funny how fast the holidays have come and gone…Even though Toronto mini storage seemed to be the last thing on everyone’s mind during yearend celebrations, the period between Christmas and New Years was extremely busy with the public needing storage. I guess it comes to a point when you just want to veg out and not worry about mini self storage problems anymore, but then the time comes when you finally decide you have to get on with where you left off. Jiffy Self Storage was ready with a self storage solution for each self storage problem during the holidays and now that we are in 2010, this year we want to be there to help you with your every…

6 Dec 2009

Almost before our eyes the year 2009 is vanishing and we will be starting a brand new year. I know many clients and acquaintances are also asking themselves how the year has gone by so quickly.  This year was a trying year for almost every business but as a self storage business in Toronto we survived quite handily. In spite of continued bad news about the economy last year, in 2009 we initiated many new upgrades to enhance our Toronto self storage services, like new security  systems, additional storage units, new heating and ventilation systems, extra coverage for client inquiries and more smoother and streamlined operations to make GTA mini storage easier to book and we simplified our Jiffy Toronto Self Storage…

30 Nov 2009

Jiffy Work Spaces are especially adapted for small upstart businesses, upgraded with air conditioning, heating, power, light, phone and of course, Internet access, all at a no frills office price. An entire suite of services can be had for a budget office price…and once the commitment is there for small, inexpensive office/workspace, then personal business cards become the next necessity.  To meet this business card need, Jiffy Self Storage in Toronto GTA has partnered with one of the best known, wholesale “design online” business card firms in North America. Just access the business card design interface and often in less than 5 minutes, a professional custom design can be ready for purchasing. Many of our trades and business persons (including general contractors, independent business…

4 Nov 2009

Do you think you have storage problems? Ever wonder what is on other people’s minds when it comes to storing their personal stuff in a self storage facility in Toronto? We have compiled a list of various requests from our online storage request forms from a number of persons requesting storage units in Toronto during October. All names and identifying information have been deleted, but what is most fulfilling for us is that almost all these various Toronto self storage unit requests are routinely satisfied, here in Toronto at Jiffy Self Storage. Whether you live in Downtown Toronto, Mid-Town Toronto, Leaside, Rosedale, North York, Etobicoke, Bloor West, Forest Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Woodbridge or for that matter, anywhere in the the Toronto GTA, we have your space ready in our Toronto storage facilities…


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