Storing Summer and Fall Clothes for the Winter
27 Feb 2019

Storing Your Summer and Fall Clothes for the Winter

If you live in a home where closet space is at a minimum it can be frustrating trying to keep clothes stored free of wrinkles. It can also lead to annoying clutter, with clothes strewn throughout your home, making getting dressed a nightmare and creating a stressful, messy living environment.…

Do-It-Yourself Home Move
15 Oct 2018

Although professional movers can get the job done quickly and smoothly, you’ll often pay a premium for their services. Whether you’ve just bought a new home or are moving into a college dorm, chances are…

Organizing Your Home To Maximize Space
26 Mar 2018

One of the realities of 21st-century living is that people are being forced to cope with minimalist spaces. This is especially true of people who are living and working in major cities like Toronto. Trying…

9 Feb 2017

In a country like Canada, where each new season brings with it a new set of clothing, equipment and decoration requirements, a household worth of items can quickly add up. Finding room for all four season’s stuff is not easy, which is why it is a good idea to consider what you really need to keep on hand, and for how long. Below are five reasons you shouldn’t store your seasonal items at home. Protect Them from Theft This is especially true of expensive seasonal gear such as snow blowers, lawn mowers (ride on, or otherwise) and winter sports gear (such as skis and snowboards). These are all high value items that thieves typically target so keeping them safely guarded…

5 Jan 2017

With another year upon us, people are beginning to think about how to enact their new year’s resolutions. Some of us want to live healthier, some of us want to check something off a bucket list, but the one thing that is certainly attainable, with minimal effort, this coming year is decluttering your home. If eliminating clutter around the house was part of your new year’s resolution, below are some tips for helping you plan your escape from clutter. You Have to Start Somewhere Decluttering efforts can often become derailed by confusion. There is so much to get rid of and you don’t know where to start. Just start somewhere. Don’t think about it. Anywhere you think there is clutter,…

10 Dec 2016

Everyone likes to be organized, but not everyone likes the act of getting organized. This is especially true during the holidays. The holidays, especially if you are a parent, can be a completely overwhelming time of year. Planning, decorating, hosting and arranging parties, and buying gifts. All of this stress can make you begin to resent what should be a happy, festive time. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by what feels like a lack of time to do all of the necessary things, destress your holidays with the organizing tips below. Write it Down If you haven’t gotten into the habit of making lists of things to do (regardless of what it is), this holiday season is a good…

19 Sep 2016

When considering storage options, most find that there are two main types of storage option available to them: shed storage and indoor storage. But without a clear understanding on the marketplace, it can be difficult to determine which storage option is right for your requirements. We’ll provide our expertise in this area within this latest post, as we address the differences between shed storage and indoor storage. Shed Storage Often Lacks Temperature Control A leading consideration when selecting your storage unit is temperature control. You will require a temperature controlled unit if you’re going to be storing items such as precious jewelry and expensive furniture or vehicles for any length of time. That’s because humidity and other environmental elements can…

1 Mar 2016

A lack of space in your home often has a lot to do with failing to utilize your current space in an effective manner – it is usually not simply a lack of insufficient space. For example, most closets can generally hold twice the amount that they do, but are just not utilized properly. However, there are some things you can do to rearrange your current space in a more effective manner, opening up much more space for you to take advantage of. If you’ve moved your seasonal or unused items to a storage facility and are still having a hard time making space in your home, follow these 10 tips: Utilize All of your Wall Space. The storage options…

5 Apr 2013

Canadian economic analysts are attempting to determine the reason for the disappointing amount of jobs that were lost in March. According to the Toronto Star, there were 54,500 jobs lost in March. The March losses were…

11 Mar 2013

Canadian television might be making room for a new time slot for its own version of Storage Wars, one of America's most popular television shows. According to the Toronto Star, Guy O'Sullivan, president of Toronto's…

5 Mar 2013

After speculation about whether Toronto's housing market would improve during February, new figures released by the Toronto Real Estate Board suggest that isn't the case. The number of homes sold in February totaled 5,759, which was…

8 Feb 2013

It’s been a while since North American consumers have put their trust into the housing market. However, the Toronto Star reported that first time buyers are slowly starting to come back, which is good news for…

23 Jan 2013

Toronto residents who’ve enjoyed the warmer winter will be sad to hear there is currently an extreme cold weather alert issued on the city. According to CBC News, the city is expected to go through a deep freeze within the next few days, with temperatures as low as below 20 degrees Celsius by January 23.If anyone has their sweaters stored in a self storage space, it might be a good idea to get some of them out of there. Having a Toronto self storage space is an excellent choice for people in the city, especially because the weather changes frequently and winter clothing such as sweaters take up a lot of space.To avoid the chances of death of homeless individuals…

9 Jan 2013

Homeowners throughout Toronto won't have much to worry about within the next year according to some housing experts. Housing prices are expected to flatline rather than fall, with gains averaging at about 1 percent. A recent report conducted by the realty company Royal LePage revealed that a lot of the homes will be set at stable prices, which is predicted to be the norm for the next two years. If any homeowners have had to downsize due to the economy but weren't sure what to do with their extra items, purchasing a storage unit is encouraged. Although the economy has been at a standstill, the housing situation in Toronto has been somewhat under control, according to Lachman Balani of the…

31 Oct 2012

Baby boomers across Canada are buying up in housing not down, according to Steve Garganis, a mortgage broker. He told the Toronto Star that many boomers are hoping to cash in on the expensive homes years down the road, right before they retire.Those in the Toronto area should consider self storage, to free up space and avoid cluttering their home by keeping valuables or seasonal items in secure storage units.“They’re [boomers] pulling away from other investments that have not performed well and they’re saying let’s look at real estate, but from a long-term perspective with record-low interest rates," Garganis told the news source. “They’re thinking even if there is a downturn in the market, they’ll ride out the ups and…

9 Aug 2012

There can be a number of reasons that people decide to downsize their homes, which include reduced mortgage payments, less area to clean and children leaving the house. No matter the reason, people need a place to keep their possessions when moving into a smaller home.Homeowners who are downsizing in Toronto have a number of options where to store their belongings during and after a move to a smaller home. Toronto public storage will give homeowners a sense of security, knowing their possessions are safely locked away.Housing markets across the world seem to be cooling a bit, so people shouldn't expect to make a lot of money when they downsize, but the savings from a smaller home may be too…

20 Jul 2012

There's no doubt that saving up enough money to make a down payment on a home can be a tall task. That's why the Canadian government has introduced the Home Buyer's Plan (HBP), a smart way for young professionals to get the money needed to buy their first home.Nearly all employees pay into a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), and it's important to one's financial future to begin contributing to this tax-free account as soon as possible. For those having trouble coming up with a down payment, however, it can be difficult to choose between planning for the future and purchasing a house now.The HBP offers the best of both worlds, according to Buyers can contribute to their RRSP…

27 Jun 2012

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty recently announced new rules for the housing market designed to cool off the red-hot cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Prices in these places are skyrocketing and some economists are worried homebuyers are biting off more than they can chew. So how do the new rules work?The big change has to do with amortization, or the length of time for a mortgage. Those who put down less than 20 percent for their down payment are now limited to 25-year mortgages. Larger down payments can still have standard 30-year mortgages.According to Moneyville, this affects the homes a family might be able to afford. For example, the ceiling on a 30-year mortgage for a house with annual income…

22 Jun 2012

The Canadian housing market has been red-hot in recent months, especially in places like Toronto. With economic advisors fearful the spending spree could get out of control for Canadian homeowners, new mortgage rules were recently adopted that are expected to curb the market a bit.Finance Minister Jim Flaherty was worried that homeowners could get in over their heads when it comes to mortgages, leading to a "burst bubble," where people cannot pay back their debt. The new rules are minor changes, but should ultimately curb the high spending by homeowners.For starters, insured mortgages will now be limited to 25 years, rather than 30, giving home buyers less room to spread out payments over time. In addition, those refinancing their home…


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