Do-It-Yourself Home Move
15 Oct 2018

Guide for Planning a Do-It-Yourself Home Move

Although professional movers can get the job done quickly and smoothly, you’ll often pay a premium for their services. Whether you’ve just bought a new home or are moving into a college dorm, chances are you have a lot of valuables to manage. Moving yourself can save you a lot…

Organizing Your Home To Maximize Space
26 Mar 2018

One of the realities of 21st-century living is that people are being forced to cope with minimalist spaces. This is especially true of people who are living and working in major cities like Toronto. Trying…

9 Feb 2017

In a country like Canada, where each new season brings with it a new set of clothing, equipment and decoration requirements, a household worth of items can quickly add up. Finding room for all four season’s stuff is not easy, which is why it is a good idea to consider what you really need to keep on hand, and for how long. Below are five reasons you shouldn’t store your seasonal items at home. Protect Them from Theft This is especially true of expensive seasonal gear such as snow blowers, lawn mowers (ride on, or otherwise) and winter sports gear (such as skis and snowboards). These are all high value items that thieves typically target so keeping them safely guarded…

5 Jan 2017

With another year upon us, people are beginning to think about how to enact their new year’s resolutions. Some of us want to live healthier, some of us want to check something off a bucket list, but the one thing that is certainly attainable, with minimal effort, this coming year is decluttering your home. If eliminating clutter around the house was part of your new year’s resolution, below are some tips for helping you plan your escape from clutter. You Have to Start Somewhere Decluttering efforts can often become derailed by confusion. There is so much to get rid of and you don’t know where to start. Just start somewhere. Don’t think about it. Anywhere you think there is clutter,…

10 Dec 2016

Everyone likes to be organized, but not everyone likes the act of getting organized. This is especially true during the holidays. The holidays, especially if you are a parent, can be a completely overwhelming time of year. Planning, decorating, hosting and arranging parties, and buying gifts. All of this stress can make you begin to resent what should be a happy, festive time. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by what feels like a lack of time to do all of the necessary things, destress your holidays with the organizing tips below. Write it Down If you haven’t gotten into the habit of making lists of things to do (regardless of what it is), this holiday season is a good…

19 Sep 2016

When considering storage options, most find that there are two main types of storage option available to them: shed storage and indoor storage. But without a clear understanding on the marketplace, it can be difficult to determine which storage option is right for your requirements. We’ll provide our expertise in this area within this latest post, as we address the differences between shed storage and indoor storage. Shed Storage Often Lacks Temperature Control A leading consideration when selecting your storage unit is temperature control. You will require a temperature controlled unit if you’re going to be storing items such as precious jewelry and expensive furniture or vehicles for any length of time. That’s because humidity and other environmental elements can…

1 Mar 2016

A lack of space in your home often has a lot to do with failing to utilize your current space in an effective manner – it is usually not simply a lack of insufficient space. For example, most closets can generally hold twice the amount that they do, but are just not utilized properly. However, there are some things you can do to rearrange your current space in a more effective manner, opening up much more space for you to take advantage of. If you’ve moved your seasonal or unused items to a storage facility and are still having a hard time making space in your home, follow these 10 tips: Utilize All of your Wall Space. The storage options…


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