28 Jul 2017

4 Tips To Feng Shui Your Home

The Chinese concept of Feng Shui is focused on achieving harmony in design and construction by utilizing natural principles that exploit various forms of energy in nature. It has been a staple of Chinese design for millennia and can be seen throughout Chinese homes and architecture both in China and in diaspora communities abroad. If you are interested in trying to incorporate Feng Shui principles into the look and feel of your own home, below are some tips to get you started. Declutter One of the easiest things to do to get started is to clear out clutter. Clutter is, perhaps, the number one enemy of Feng Shui and should be dealt with immediately. Anything that you don’t absolutely need, or love, should be gotten rid of immediately. If you aren’t sure that you ultimately want to do with these things, consider donating them, or placing them in self storage until you know for sure what their fate will be.…

17 Apr 2012

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs has run several mock evacuations at nursing homes throughout the province in recent weeks, and the organization reports that most failed, according to the Toronto Star.The group is pushing province legislators to make sprinkler systems mandatory in all senior centers, and also want better training for staff members in nursing homes."We have a legal and moral responsibility to make sure the residents are safe," Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs spokesperson Jim Jessop told the news source.One option for seniors moving into nursing homes to consider is the use of a self storage facility. This will allow the senior to hang onto his or her personal items without taking up space in their new home.…

2 Feb 2012

Home renovation and dream home shows have become increasingly popular over the past few years and give TV watchers glimpses into houses with ample storage and zero clutter. Now many in the realty business feel people are getting an unrealistic image in their heads about what homes should look like when they visit. Many are calling it the "HGTV effect," Moneyville reports.According to the source, when realtors stage homes now, they makes sure to tell clients to remove any and all clutter or personal touches, as these make houses less appealing since the era of HGTV came about."This generation's expectations of what's reasonable and livable in a house is significantly different than previous generations," John Pasalis, a Canadian realtor who…

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