1 Jul 2013

The inexpensive cost of self storage

Self storage units provide an inexpensive solution to all your storage needs. Whether it's getting a home ready for a move, clearing up clutter in an office or keeping seasonal items out of sight for the time being, self storage offers a clean and accessible place to house any valuables. Those looking…

18 May 2011

Ontario may be a country-wide leader in an array of measures, but one place where it may be falling behind is in the health category. A recent report released by the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance finds that Ontario is trailing British Columbia and Quebec both in health statistics and in funds used in well-being advancement. “BC invests three times more than Ontario in health promotion policies and programs and their residents smoke less, are more physically active, and have healthier body weights,” said Dr. Norman Giesbrecht, co-chair of the OCDPA. “This clearly is leading to higher life expectancy rates than the rest of Canada.” Other sobering findings from the study reveal one in three Ontarians are afflicted with a…

17 May 2011

A man and woman who recently ran the Toronto Marathon decide to commemorate the feat in a somewhat unusual way: by getting married. According to the Toronto Star, while thousands of their fellow marathoners were cooling down and refueling with lots of liquids upon finishing the race, Jessica McGann and Rodney Merchant were showering up and heading for the wedding chapel. The paper reports that the couple arrived at the wedding right on time, as the ceremony was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. The Star reports that the newlyweds did not receive traditional wedding gifts from those in attendance. Instead, Merchant requested that people donate to the Canadian Cancer Society in lieu of gifts in honor of his mother,…

11 Oct 2010

Helpful Packing Tips and Hints on Moving 1.       Pack Everything! Pack literally everything you have in good quality, filled and closed boxes.  Even if you have to spend some money on good boxes, you will save substantially.  Moving and stowing a box on the truck is much faster than moving individual items and having to find a secure place to store in on the truck.  Putting items in boxes also reduces damage, which will save you money too. 2.       Stage Boxes Something as simple as putting all of your pre-packed boxes in the front room or garage of your home can be simple to do and greatly simplify your move.  This is something you can do in little bits in…

9 Jun 2010

This morning, I had the pleasure of chatting with Toronto’s legendary king of self storage, Allan Barkin, president of Jiffy Self Storage. Barkin recently received the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence at a televised Global TV presentation at Stage West, in Mississauga, ON. He is only one of small handful of Toronto businesses ever to achieve this honor 14 consecutive times. Donna: Allan, I’m delighted to have the chance to learn more about you and your business. Tell me, how did you first get involved in Self Storage? Allan: I had been watching the self storage industry in Canada for some time and found that self storage service here was lagging years behind the Americans. Being an opportunist and…

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