20 Feb 2017

How To Pack And Store Fragile Glass

Whether it be the expensive wine glasses that are going into storage or being transported to a new home, or the holiday decorations going back into their respective boxes for another year, knowing how to safely store glass while it is on the move or not in use is key. Below are some tips and considerations to keep in mind for packing and storing fragile glass items. Choose the Right Size One of the main things to keep in mind when storing or transporting fragile glass is the size of the box. You don’t want something too big for two reasons. The first is the box can become too full, too hard to handle, and, therefore, run the risk of falling and breaking. The second is too much space in a box gives items the chance to shift around and bump into each other, which also creates the potential for breakage. Your best bet is to get boxes that can…

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