Furniture Warping In Storage
27 Oct 2017

Will Furniture Warp In Storage?

At some point, most people are going to have to consider looking outside of their limited storage space to something off-site to help with their storage needs. This might include a trusted storage facility in your community that can help you store furniture while you decide what you are ultimately…

18 May 2017

If you are planning a home renovation, chances are you have prepared yourself for the accompanying expenses. One of those that you have hopefully already considered, is what you are going to do with your furniture while you are renovating. If it is an extensive renovation and you don’t have room anywhere else in your home or business to store your furniture, one of the things that you might consider is storing your furniture in a self storage unit. Below are some things to know when placing your furniture in self storage during a renovation. Give the Storage Unit a Once-Over Before Storing Anything It is always a good idea to inspect your storage unit before putting anything into it,…


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