13 Feb 2017

Where Should You Store Fire Extinguishers

Having a fire extinguisher in your home, on your boat, at the office, really anywhere fire puts human life in jeopardy can mean the difference between catastrophe averted, or a tragedy. Keeping that in mind, it is equally important they be carefully and safely stored to make sure they remain in full working order. Below are some considerations for keeping your fire extinguisher(s) stored properly. Keep Them Out in the Open A fire extinguisher is one of those things where you kind of have to throw style and theme to the wind. Just because it clashes with the motif of your kitchen, does not mean that you should keep it tucked behind a door, or in a pantry. It needs to be readily accessible at all times. Having it hidden can cost you valuable time if and when a fire needs to be dealt with. This is especially true if people who are not familiar with your home are staying…

31 Jan 2013

After a blaze struck a building in North Ontario, a fire marshal is investigating the situation. According to the Toronto Star, the building that burned down in the fire is the renowned bagel restaurant Haymishe…

7 Nov 2012

A two-alarm fire broke out in a Regent Park high rise in Toronto on November 5, trapping residents on the sixth floor, the Toronto Star reported. A mattress lit on fire and caused more than 40 firefighters in 13 fire trucks to respond to the scene, the source reported.Toronto area residents should look into storing their valuables in self storage units to protect them from unexpected damage from fires and other unfortunate events.Toronto Fire Captain Mike Strapko said to the Toronto Star that trapped residents placed wet towels under their doorways before sticking their heads out of the windows of the highrise.“There was smoke and my family got out," Terry Woods, who has lived on the 13th floor for two…

10 Jan 2012

A five-alarm fire that broke out in a Toronto storage facility early Monday morning is still going, as firefighters worked tirelessly through the night to keep it contained, City Toronto News reports.The main reason the fire is still raging is due to the restrictions fire crews are facing."We're going to have building engineers on site…to see if we can be more aggressive," Toronto fire division commander Mike McCoy, told the publication. "Right now, we're erring on the side of caution. No one's going inside. We can't get in…there's a lot of partial blockages."The news outlet reports that there is currently at least $1 million in damages.According to Global Toronto, most people who rent space at storage facilities only get a…

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