12 Sep 2016

Common Items That Became Collectibles

There are those rare items that have great appeal among the general populations: Picasso’s paintings and signatures of the famous throughout history, to name a couple. But for some collectors, the items they seek are considered rare because of errors in their production, which give them unique value in the marketplace. In this article, we’ll take a look at the curious cases of mistakes that became collectibles. The Double Lincoln In one of the most famous cases of a coin becoming a collectible because of a mistake, the double die Lincoln one cent was created in 1955. This mistake was produced when dies from a master die were misaligned in forming the pennies. This led to the impression that numbers and letters on the coin were slightly doubled. Over 40,000 of the double Lincoln pennies were produced, before the mint employees noticed and stopped production. Now, an individual coin could be worth thousands of dollars to collectors. NBA Elite Unreleased…

5 Sep 2016

With the increasing popularity of shows such as Storage Wars and Antiques Roadshow, the idea that you might find a high value collectible hidden away in a basement space isn’t such a far-fetched concept. We’ve now become attuned to looking out for bargains as we scan flea markets and second-hand stores. And to help inspire you in your search for those true bargains, this post will take a look at the four most expensive collectibles in the current marketplace. Yuan Dynasty Vase This Yuan Dynasty vase measuring 34 centimeters was sold at auction for $1.2million in 1993. The item’s popularity stems from its unique history, having been a popular item between the 16 and 20th centuries and famed for its…

13 Dec 2013

The wristwatch has proven one of the most well-loved and popular bits of high-functioning fashion for generation after generation. From the cheapest of the low-end Timex to the fanciest Tag Heuer, watches are an unmistakable marker of one’s look – and, with the high-end brands that go for the price of a used car, luxury lifestyle. And who knows watches better than the Swiss? The world’s toniest watchmakers gathered in Geneva earlier this year to trot out their newest portable timekeepers. Here are the top 10 coolest watches from the show. 10 – F.P. Journe Quantieme Perpetual A classic-looking beauty from the Swiss company F.P. Journe, which builds all the parts in its watches. 9 – AudemarsPiguet AudemarsPiguet remains a…

12 Nov 2013

While the right shark tooth can be worth a fair amount of money, there are many sharks teeth available on the market and many of them are small, unimpressive specimens used in cheap jewelry. Great White sharks teeth and Megalodon teeth can be worth a pretty penny, however. Typically the larger a shark tooth is the more it will be worth but there are some caveats to that rule. What to Look For There are several key factors in evaluating the value of a shark’s tooth, particularly at the higher end of the scale such as Megalodon teeth. These factors include: Condition; Size; Restoration; Shape; and Color. Condition: The condition of a tooth takes into account a few different factors.…

14 Oct 2011

Science enthusiasts' most wonderful time of year has officially arrived. Between October 14 and 23, Canada celebrates National Science and Technology Week, which recognizes the importance of the branch of knowledge to the country and the world at-large.During the week-long celebration, a variety of activities are planned involving hundreds of organizations, government officials, industry leaders and educators throughout Canada."The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation is proud to be the national coordinator of the 2011 National Science and Technology Week," said Denise Amyot, president and CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Corporation. "As keepers of Canada's scientific and technological collection, we encourage all Canadians to engage with their scientific and technological past, present and future."Special events are planned among…

13 Apr 2011

While many Toronto storage units have plenty of room and extra high ceilings that enable people to storage heavy and large equipment, many of them may not have been able to hold what was recently bought at a local auction. According to the Toronto Sun, a Calgary man bought a former Canadian air force Snowbirds show plane for approximately $45,000 this past weekend. Terry Lobzun, spokesman for the organization that held the auction, told the paper that while he knows it’s going to Calgary, he’s not sure exactly where. “It could be going to a museum, a flying club or private collection,” Lobzun said. “I’d love to see it restored and flying again.” According to the Sun, the Snowbird, which…

7 Apr 2011

As watching any episode of “Storage Wars” will attest, people use their storage unit for any number of things. For most, storage units are a mixed bag of furniture, documents and clothing; for others, they’re used exclusively as a protection zone for important valuables and collectibles. With the latter group in mind, Toronto residents have a unique opportunity in June, as some of the most famous gowns and dresses worn by Princess Diana will be put on the auction block. One of Canada’s oldest auction houses that will be hosting the event, Waddington’s, said 14 dresses will be up for grabs, including the one worn by the late Princess of Wales when she danced with actor John Travolta in 1997.…

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