The Importance of Document Storage
24 Nov 2017

Why Document Storage Is Important

Contemporary life means endless advertisements, business documents, and tax forms. Whether your documents are family photographs you don’t want to get rid of, or important business and personal documentation you need to keep on file for quick access, document storage is incredibly important. Many people look to self storage units…

Why It Pays To Hold Onto Childhood Memories
20 Oct 2017

Our lives are spent accumulating memories. We try to forget, or at the very least, learn from the bad ones, and hold onto and cherish the good ones. Hopefully our lives have been filled with…

16 Sep 2016

Many people keep important documentation such as birth certificates and medical records in their storage spaces. Some also keep information on finances in storage. It’s critical to keep the data in these documents protected. And so a storage plan should be devised. To help guide the planning process for storing important documents, here are five tips for keeping documents safe. Choose a Storage Facility with Cutting-Edge Security If you’re storing documents such as passports and birth certificates, it’s critical the storage facility has a high-level security system. Review the company’s security precautions ahead of time and then only choose a firm with a comprehensive security infrastructure in place. Choose a Company with Climate Controlled Facilities Climate control is an important…


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