11 May 2017

How To Convert Paper Storage To Digital

Whether you run a business or a home, chances are you accumulate a lot of paper throughout the year. Much of it is important documentation that you need for taxes, etc., but much of it you don’t necessarily need. Switching over from paper storage to digital not only saves a ton of space, but moving forward, you can help minimize your carbon footprint decreasing the amount of paper that you need to run your life. Below are some tips for converting your paper storage to digital. Get Rid of Small Things One of the biggest contributors to unnecessary paper storage is receipts. Instead of keeping every single receipt in hard copy somewhere in your home or business, you can utilize apps such as Lemon, which allow you to take pictures of your receipts, categorize them and store them in the cloud. The app’s organization capabilities are quite sophisticated and in addition to decluttering your life, it is a cheap storage…


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