11 May 2017

How To Convert Paper Storage To Digital

Whether you run a business or a home, chances are you accumulate a lot of paper throughout the year. Much of it is important documentation that you need for taxes, etc., but much of it you don’t necessarily need. Switching over from paper storage to digital not only saves a ton of space, but moving forward, you can help minimize your carbon footprint decreasing the amount of paper that you need to run your life. Below are some tips for converting your paper storage to digital. Get Rid of Small Things One of the biggest contributors to unnecessary paper storage is receipts. Instead of keeping every single receipt in hard copy somewhere in your home or business, you can utilize apps such as Lemon, which allow you to take pictures of your receipts, categorize them and store them in the cloud. The app’s organization capabilities are quite sophisticated and in addition to decluttering your life, it is a cheap storage…

10 Jan 2013

One of the most well known publications in Toronto, the city's free business paper, tonight, will be seeing some significant cuts in the coming weeks. According to the Toronto Star, the publication will no longer be available to the public five days a week and will be reduced to being available just Thursday mornings. Some consumers who prefer getting their news in tangible form rather than via their smartphones or tablets may collect the papers as a memory of times past. For those who choose to do so, they may run out of room in their homes to put the publications. By renting a Toronto storage space, consumers won't have to worry about organizing these items. "tonight offers the latest…

5 Dec 2012

A staff of 75 volunteers is feverishly working to organize bags of food that will be given to 12,000 families throughout the Greater Toronto Area, in a project that began as part of the Santa Claus Fund.Any Toronto residents looking for a place to put all their holiday decorations that are only used for a couple weeks out of the year should consider self storage to free up space in their homes for any number of possibilities.The Santa Claus Fund food bags contain various food items including rice, instant oatmeal, fruit cups, pancake mix, pancake syrup and peanut butter. Bob Mrozek, director of charities and philanthropy at the Toronto Star, said the idea was to give food that can be…

15 Aug 2012

Many business executives in Toronto are tired of the corporate grind and want to go off on their own. The entrepreneurial spirit is a noble one, but these brave aspiring business owners need to be sure they can support their own business. One of the first things they should do is research storage in Toronto for business files and excess inventory. Here are some other steps new entrepreneurs should take when starting out, according to The Globe and Mail.Social media use is important for entrepreneurs who may have a tight marketing budget. However, entrepreneurs must have a purpose with every post on their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Meaningless posts can show potential clients that entrepreneurs aren't serious about their…

17 Jul 2012

Canadian businesses that fail to use social media as one of their marketing and customer retention strategies may be at a disadvantage, according to recent research conducted by Leger Marketing.The survey found 78 percent of Canadian businesses with 500 employees or more use social media, while 55 percent of all businesses in the country use social platforms for market research, promotion and client relations. "Social media represents a powerful and cost-effective tool that, when used properly, can help any business grow," said Paul Gaspar, director of small business for UPS Canada. "Canadian businesses are operating in an increasingly competitive global market and by using social media, firms can broaden their existing brand equity while building real relationships with current and potential…

24 Apr 2012

The concept of spring cleaning isn't solely for physical spaces in this day and age. It's also a good idea to clean up your computer as well, writes Moneyville.ca.Whereas in the past people may have gone through filing cabinets, today most document storage is digital. That's why it pays to take some time and sort through it all. Organize everything into easy-to-find files and folders.This is also a good time to go through some added security. Use an external hard drive in order to back up important documents, photos and other data. Look into anti-virus and anti-malware software and ensure that all of your protection is up to date. It's also a good idea to use the built-in system tools…

12 Apr 2012

The Royal Canadian Mint has announced a new initiative that will allow consumers to pay digitally, rather than using paper or metal money.Dubbed "MintChip," the new system uses small microchips to complete transactions. Money is transferred from chip to chip via encrypted data, allowing quick transactions with no transfer of physical objects, reports The Toronto Star.The move will use Near-Field Communications (NFC), which is already seen in smartphones and some credit cards that have "tap to pay" features. The difference is that MintChip will not be tied to a bank account or credit card, making it more akin to money held in a wallet.The move to digital money is another step toward an increasingly paperless world. Already, many businesses are…

30 Mar 2012

A leaked image has revealed that Google plans to offer customers 5GB of free cloud storage through its upcoming Google Drive service, which is expected to launch sometime in April.TalkAndroid obtained a screenshot that shows the details of the new system, which has been heavily rumored for awhile now. The tech blog says that Google Drive will likely launch the week of April 16th.Many technology companies are realizing the need for digital storage away from hard drives, and are launching services to compete with each other. Google's 5GB of free storage is on par with Amazon's Cloud Drive and better than Dropbox's 2GB. Microsoft currently offers a whopping 25GB of free storage through its SkyDrive.While businesses may be moving to…

18 Nov 2011

Jiffy Self-Storage customers know that if there's a special contest that's going on or discounts that we're offering, they can turn to our website to find that information. In that same vein, a majority of Canadians are now aware that the first Monday after Thanksgiving is the ideal time to surf the web to find discounts for holiday shopping.According to a 2010 survey conducted by Ipsos-Reid, just 24 percent of Canadians last year were aware of Cyber Monday, the day retailers have used since 2005 to drum up online purchases by offering deals on their websites. But when that same poll was conducted this year, 52 percent of Canadians were aware of the sales event.Nicky Mezo, head of marketing for…

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