6 Jul 2012

Transferring wealth to the kids

When it comes to kids growing up in a wealthy household, most might assume the children are on easy street. Yet there are many challenges a wealthy parent must face when it comes to raising their kids, and this stress can often cause family problems, according to The Globe and Mail.Franco Lombardo, who works with high net-worth families on a regular basis, recently published the book "The Great White Elephant: Why Rich Kids Hate Their Parents." In the book, Lombardo discusses the reasons wealthy families can often become fractured. Parents want their kids to become financially secure, but if they give the child everything on a silver platter it can destroy their drive and ambition. Alternatively, holding too much back can make the child feel uncared for. It only gets more complicated with siblings and other relatives thrown into the mix."Under the table in most families resides a great white elephant – the unresolved, the 'undiscussable' issues, the skeletons in…

8 Aug 2011

A new poll conducted by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce finds that Ontarians have a higher level of debt when compared to others living in the country. The CIBC survey indicates approximately 74 percent of Ontario residents have some type of significant payment they have yet to take care of, compared to 72 percent nationwide. Despite this high number, however, 63 percent report making “good progress” on lowering their debt, doing such things as making a lump sum payment, implementing a household budget or making a significant sacrifice in their typical spending behavior. “Managing debt as part of their overall financial plan is top of mind for Ontario residents in 2011, and these latest poll results show that some…

5 Aug 2011

Movie subscription service Netflix has been in Canada for less than a year, and already, more than 1 million members have signed up. To celebrate the occasion, Netflix awarded the country’s one-millionth member, Amanda James, with a lifetime membership. “I’m excited to be the millionth Canadian member,” said James, who’s originally from Manitoba. “Netflix is something I enjoy with my family and I look forward to continue watching our favorite movies and TV shows via Netflix in the future.” Reed Hastings, CEO and co-founder of the company, said he couldn’t be happier that his subscription-based movie service has taken off the way it has. “We’re thrilled that Canadians have embraced Netflix so rapidly,” said Hastings. “Our focus remains on building…

2 Aug 2011

As back-to-school shopping season gets underway, a new poll is indicating Canadian parents have higher stress levels during this time period. According to MasterCard Canada’s survey, nearly two-thirds of respondents find facing the crowds of people shopping for their kids to be anxiety-inducing. But Cathie Mostowyk, founder of the Shoestring Shopping Guide, said this shouldn’t be the case. “Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be so stressful,” said Mostowyk. “Simple things like making a list in advance, shopping for some of the basics on your own without the kids and choosing the right time of day to venture out can help you pass the back-to-school shopping stress test with flying colors.” Mostowyk offers additional shopping tips. For instance, she says parents…

29 Jul 2011

While certain customs and traditions between American and Canadian kids differ, both seem to have one particular trait in common: hating to clean. To help parents get their kids to do their chores, cleaning product manufacturer Jelmar recently interviewed child psychologist Michele Borba who offered some tips. For instance, one suggestion Borba recommends is turning cleaning into a competition. “Assign a room, hand out cleaning supplies, set a buzzer for five minutes and then dash to your designated area to clean things ‘spick and span’ before the time goes,” said Borba. “Kids love to try and ‘beat the clock’ and you’ll have the house back in order in minutes.” Borba also says children should be taught at a young age…

13 Jul 2011

Canadians everywhere are making assessments about how they’ve fared with their New Year’s resolutions now that we’re more than halfway through 2011. And if a recent survey is any guide, they aren’t liking what they’re seeing. This appears to be the case among middle-aged Canadians who resolved in January to save more money, as according to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, nearly 30 percent of all Canadians said they were doing a poor job saving, with nearly 20 percent saying their attempts qualified as “very poor.” However, Ontarians appear to be having more success compared to other regions, as 57 percent of Ontario residents said they were storing money away regularly – more than any other province. Ontario was…

8 Jul 2011

Canada enjoys going out to eat, as a recent study makes clear. According to Technomic, a research and consulting firm for the food industry, the top 200 Canadian restaurant chains raked in $741 million in total sales last year, a 3 percent increase when compared to 2009. “The industry is continuing to grow,” said Darren Tristano, executive vice president at Technomic. “The key for operators is to understand where that growth is occurring and implement lessons learned throughout the industry into their own business models.” While earnings were higher, the number of new restaurants in Canada did not grow at the same rate it did in 2009. The report states just 73 new eateries were built in 2010, down from…

22 Jun 2011

Virtually every Canadian knows that July 1st is Canada Day, but some may not know that it’s also Moving Day in Quebec. For many years, Quebecers have used the day to clean up some of their clutter or, as the name indicates, pack up their belongings and move. And a recent survey from Kijiji Canada appears to indicate that a lot of Quebecers will take advantage of the day because so many are overwhelmed by clutter. According to the survey, more than half of respondents – 52 percent – said they had some form of clutter in their house. Some may be tempted to throw it all away, but Linda Sauve of Kijiji says to do so would be a…

16 Jun 2011

Though the summer days in Toronto may not be ‘scorchers,’ few things are more cooling and satisfying than a good old-fashioned frozen yogurt. And as luck would have it, Torontonians will soon be able to satisfy their cravings at four new stores. According to the company’s president Michael Shneer, four Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt outlets will come to the area, as papers were recently signed sealing the deal. “Our development in and around the GTA continues with the signing of these four additional stores,” said Shneer, who heads the Yogurtworld Franchising Corporation. “The areas to be opened from these agreements include the Beaches, Woodbridge, Dundas/Yonge, and Queen St West.” Menchie’s, famous for giving customers the ability to make their own creations…

14 Jun 2011

On June 13, 15,000 employees for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers declared they were going on strike, affecting thousands of residents and businesses in the GTA. As a result of the strike, homeowners and businesses will receive their mail on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Reports indicate the issue that’s led to the strike has to do with several things, such as the number of hours postal employees are working, the number of sick days they get and a two-tiered wage system that Canada Post has recently implemented, which the CUPW is opposed to. Megan Whitfield, shop steward of the CUPW, told the Toronto Sun they would stop the strike if the Canada Post would re-instate the collective bargaining agreement…

10 Jun 2011

As the school year comes to an end for high school and university students across Toronto, they may be wondering if they’ll be able to find a summer job. But the government of Canada is implementing a program that should help make the search easier. Diane Finley, minister of human resources and skills development, recently announced that 36,000 jobs had been created under the Canada Summer Jobs program. “Our government has received a strong mandate from Canadians to continue creating jobs and economic growth, said Finley. “That’s why, starting in 2011, we have permanently increased the budget for Canada Summer Jobs by $10 million.” Finley went on to say that the program benefits students as it gives them some spending…

21 Apr 2011

It looks like Toronto food vendors who were hoping to clean up on sales heading into the summer may be putting their equipment in storage units, as the city has said their services are no longer needed. Toronto a la Cart, the program food vendors were participating in, was supposed to diversify the kinds of foods offered in the Greater Toronto area, but the city’s economic development department has recommended that Mayor Rob Ford scrap the project entirely because “it has not met its objectives and no improvement can be expected in the final year of the pilot.” The program began three years ago after the passage of an amendment to the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Vendors say the…

14 Mar 2011

It was easy being green in Toronto this past weekend as residents raided their storage units for their favorite leprechaun garb and attended the city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. One Toronto local, formerly of Ireland, told the Toronto Star he’s been to the parade every year since arriving in the city in 2003. “It’s excellent,” Paul Reynolds told the paper. “I like the way everyone embraces it. The Irish are in pockets all over the city. It’s nice to be able to see everyone together.” Other attendants originally from Ireland said that while they’re becoming more familiar with the Greater Toronto area, the celebration made them happy but at the same time homesick. Through Thursday, restaurants and bars across…

6 Sep 2009

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