7 Oct 2016

Most Valued Sports Collectibles

Whether you are a dedicated collector or someone who has come into possession of sports memorabilia and collectibles by chance, there are some items which are coveted by sports aficionados around the world. What’s more, you may have no idea that you have one of these rare treasures lying around your home or personal storage area. Below are some of the most valued sports collectibles. The infamous Babe Ruth “Called Shot” jersey from 1932 The classic of Babe Ruth confidently pointing into the stands from home plate is one of the most iconic images in all of sports history. Even if you are not particularly interested in baseball, there is a good chance that you know of this historic moment. Well, that jersey is currently valued at nearly 1-million dollars. A tidy sum for a vintage jersey. Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves from his fight against Floyd Patterson These gloves from Ali’s 1965 heavyweight title fight against Patterson in Las Vegas…

3 Oct 2016

Old PCs often wind up in storage. The personal computer, in the age of handheld devices and smartphones that let you take professional-grade photographs, seem positively antiquated—and they are. But, that doesn’t mean that your old PC isn’t an important—and valuable—piece of history. Below are some of the most collectible PCs, ones that you should definitely hang onto if you’ve got them. The Alto Made by Xerox in 1973, there were only a couple thousand of these units made. The computer industry is still obsessed about the technological ingenuity of the Alto, including its sophisticated graphical user interface and laser printer. The market value of this piece of history sits somewhere between five and ten thousand dollars. The Apple 1…

15 Jan 2014

One of the more affordable collectibles, vintage luggage and purses can be wonderful insights into the styles and aesthetics of various time periods and cultures. From hat boxes to stewardess carry-on bags, a wealth of vintage pieces are available for collectors in just about any price range. Here are some great examples of neat finds to help you get started or add to your collection. Pan Am Flight Bag This rare vintage Pan Am Flight Bag is white with a blue Pan Am logo. Approximately 50 years old, this authentic piece has been used and is in fair condition with functioning zippers although the plastic feet have snapped off. Pan Am collector’s items are very popular with plane enthusiasts as…

14 Jan 2013

One of the most beloved Canadian indie bands of all time recently announced they will be reuniting for the Field Trip Music and Arts Festival this summer. Broken Social Scene has been on hiatus since August 2011. However, to celebrate the​10th anniversary of the Arts and Crafts music label, which was co-founded by the band’s frontman Kevin Drew, the music collective decided to get back together to perform live once more, according to Spin. There are plenty of die hard fans of the Canadian-based rock band throughout Toronto who have collected memorabilia over the years. For those who are unable to find space in their homes to put records, magazines, or their ticket collection, renting out a Toronto storage space…

10 Sep 2012

Taylor Swift has been nominated for the 2012 Country Music Award's Entertainer of the Year. Swift looks to take the title once more, after previously winning the award in 2011 and 2009.For fans residing in Toronto with no place to fit their Taylor Swift memorabilia, self storage is available to keep their possessions safe and sound.Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean have also been nominated in the category. Chesney and Paisley, who are also hosting the 46th annual event, have both previously won the award."I think that she kind of obviously opened up some eyes to some people and obviously they’re taking notice of that and rewarding her for her contributions to country music over the last…

6 Sep 2012

The shoe brand Christian Louboutin recently won an appeals court battle against the design house Yves Saint Laurent. The dispute was over the red soled high heels that have become synonymous with the Louboutin name.A lower court decision was recently overturned by the U.S. Appeals Court in Manhattan, which decided that the red soles of Louboutin shoes are protected under trademark, but there is a catch. Shoes would only infringe on the ruling if they contained red soles with a different color on top, not if the entire shoe was red.The case reminds anyone with overflowing closets that cheap storage is available to free up space while keeping belongings safe.For those with plenty of space for their own shoes, a…

22 Aug 2012

Consumer spending in Canada may be on the downswing highlighted by recent data compiled by Statistics Canada, which found retail sales decreased in June, according to Reuters. The unexpected drop in sales occurred in seven of the 11 subsectors of the retail industry.Decreases in sales could mean that Canadian companies may be looking for cheap storage in Toronto to keep their excess inventory. Consumer spending must pick up in order to make sure the economy in Canada is able to recover."The surprise drop in June sales was broad-based, suggesting households are becoming a little more cautious, though cross-border shopping may have played a role as well," BMO Capital Markets senior economist Benjamin Reitzes wrote in a note to clients. "The…

31 Jul 2012

The global economy remains in flux but Canadian manufacturers are having a more positive outlook than those in other industries. The Globe and Mail referenced a recent KPMG study that found 85 percent of Canadian companies are optimistic about the next two years.While manufacturers in Canada are planning to roll out new products, companies may need to seek out cheap storage in Toronto to keep their extra inventory. Many Canadian manufacturers are motivated by increased innovation in the workplace.   “We do feel optimistic about our business and our industry,” Joey Khatri, president of a light-fixture manufacturer in Blainville, Quebec, told the news source. “Our plan for the next number of years is to launch new products once a year at least.”Canadian…

27 Apr 2012

Hockey season is officially over in Canada, as all of the Canadian NHL teams have been eliminated from the playoffs.The lone Canadian representative still in the hunt for the Stanley Cup was the Ottawa Senators. Unfortunately, the Senators were eliminated last night in Game 7 of their series with the New York Rangers. After the Rangers took a 2-0 lead at Madison Square Garden, the Senators pulled within one goal after Daniel Alfredsson scored on a power play. The Senators attacked relentlessly for the final six minutes of the game, but the Rangers held together defensively and blocked many of their shots. When the final buzzer sounded, it was the Rangers moving on and the Senators heading back to Ottawa.It's…

23 Sep 2011

A group of Ontario farmers are trying to set a world record and help feed the hungry at the same time.At the end of the month, local farmers will try to harvest 160 acres of soybean crop with more than 100 combines in less than 10 minutes.Hundreds of supporters have donated money to the farmers' goal, all of which will go toward Harvest for Hunger, a charity that local growers established, which aims to help end starvation."All the funds raised from the harvest will help the Canadian Foodgrains Bank provide critical food aid to drought ridden areas such as Ethiopia and Kenya," said Richard Van Donkersgoed, fundraising coordinator for the charity.Overall, the harvest is expected to yield approximately 8,000 bushels…


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