7 Oct 2016

Most Valued Sports Collectibles

Whether you are a dedicated collector or someone who has come into possession of sports memorabilia and collectibles by chance, there are some items which are coveted by sports aficionados around the world. What’s more, you may have no idea that you have one of these rare treasures lying around your home or personal storage area. Below are some of the most valued sports collectibles. The infamous Babe Ruth “Called Shot” jersey from 1932 The classic of Babe Ruth confidently pointing into the stands from home plate is one of the most iconic images in all of sports history. Even if you are not particularly interested in baseball, there is a good chance that you know of this historic moment. Well, that jersey is currently valued at nearly 1-million dollars. A tidy sum for a vintage jersey. Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves from his fight against Floyd Patterson These gloves from Ali’s 1965 heavyweight title fight against Patterson in Las Vegas…

3 Oct 2016

Old PCs often wind up in storage. The personal computer, in the age of handheld devices and smartphones that let you take professional-grade photographs, seem positively antiquated—and they are. But, that doesn’t mean that your old PC isn’t an important—and valuable—piece of history. Below are some of the most collectible PCs, ones that you should definitely hang onto if you’ve got them. The Alto Made by Xerox in 1973, there were only a couple thousand of these units made. The computer industry is still obsessed about the technological ingenuity of the Alto, including its sophisticated graphical user interface and laser printer. The market value of this piece of history sits somewhere between five and ten thousand dollars. The Apple 1…


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