18 Mar 2011

Surgeons in Toronto bring video game technology to the operating...

With busy work schedules, Toronto physicians rarely have time to play video games, with consoles often winding up in storage units to use later. But Toronto surgeons may want to dust them off and brush up their skills, as it may prove beneficial to their performance in the operating room. Doctors at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto are using the Xbox to help them virtually manipulate medical images during surgery. They do it by using the Xbox Kinect – Microsoft’s answer to other entertainment systems which allows users to interact through movement rather than controllers. By manipulating images through hand gestures, doctors don’t have to leave the operating table, saving valuable time. The improved efficiency in the operating room could lead to more operating rooms implementing similar console-technology, but Sunnybrook is believed to be the only hospital that uses the Kinect. There’s a growing body of evidence suggesting video game technology are helpful in the workplace. According to a University of…

11 Mar 2011

A world renowned chef and restaurateur may be renting out a Toronto storage unit some time soon to store his pots and pans as he plans to bring his business to the Greater Toronto area. According to the Toronto Star, David Chang is planning on bringing his Momofuku restaurant, which has thrived in Manhattan, to the Queen City by 2012. “I’m not trying to bring New York to Toronto,” Chang told the paper. “I want to understand Toronto better.” According to the paper, many destinations around the world want him to bring his Momofuku restaurant – Japanese for “lucky peach” – to their area, but Chang says he fell in love with the Greater Toronto area after visiting last year.…

25 Feb 2011

Irene and Joe have been operating a landscaping and snow removal business for 22 years. Their growth due to their success required additional working and storage space in Toronto for their landscape and snow removal business. After visiting various Toronto storage facilities, they found that Jiffy Self Storage Toronto addressed their immediate outdoor parking and indoor storage needs best and even provided huge benefits that were not even contemplated by them. By moving all their gardening and snow removal equipment from their home garage to Jiffy, they recycled their garage space for storing their fishing boat, fishing gear & snowmobiles. Their specific needs for heated storage with a security system were also addressed at Jiffy. Green Valley Landscaping Inc. is…

17 Jun 2010

Most people do not know or understand how HST is going to affect them. Even though there has been much publicity about HST, from the many people we speak to everyday at our Toronto self storage facility, the majority of these persons are misguided about their understanding or do not have any knowledge about the impending changes that are going to have major impacts on the daily lives of all Ontarians. Large businesses are ready for HST but many┬ásmall companies have no idea how HST will affect them. Most businesses do not understand that they will be able to apply the full HST input credit for various costs and services so that HST will flow through for the full 13%…


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