Saving Money As A Retail Business
28 Aug 2017

How To Save Money As A Retail Business

One of the biggest costs of running a retail business is space. Retail space is not cheap. The cost of the space itself, plus the accompanying bills, quickly add up, and you can find yourself struggling to stay afloat in a space that is rapidly eating up a lot of…

Self Storage And Growing Your Business
10 Aug 2017

Many people are turning to entrepreneurship and small businesses in the 21st century as a way to add additional income to their main source, or as an attempt to transition away from the corporate world…

18 Jun 2015

There are certain documents that we need to keep safe at all times. From wills to property deeds to life insurance policies to immunization records and other important forms, it is imperative these documents remain safe during a move. Some of these documents are irreplaceable and it would a shame to lose them, while others are essential to your and your family’s overall well being. If you’re unsure how to keep sensitive documents safe while moving here are some important tips: Make replicas. Before you move, make copies of all your valuable documents. Besides paper copies, scan everything and save a version to your computer. When it comes to sensitive documents you can never have too many copies. If you…

12 Mar 2015

At Jiffy Storage, we try to be paperless where possible. We use file-sharing, online banking, cloud storage, and more. Still, like most companies, we still end up with a mountain of paperwork every single year! Paper is simply just another cost of doing business. Every small business we know has a mountain of paper that they don’t have space to store, can’t afford to throw out, and have no time to digitize. Luckily, storage solutions can help with that! Climate-Control and Document Maintenance It would be great if every office was reliably heated, air conditioned, and humidity-controlled. Sadly, that is nowhere near the case in Toronto. The hot, sticky weather of summer has a tendency to wreck paper documents, encouraging…

10 Jan 2014

After several years as a professional window cleaner, Mark Strange and his wife Leonor decided they would give retail store ownership a try. Of course the perfect choice of product to sell would be window cleaning supplies as well as other related cleaning products. Mark began doing research on store locations and involved costs back around the fall of 2012. That’s when he first spotted the newly renovated store units in the front end of Jiffy Storage Plaza on Wilson Ave. After finally making the decision to move forward with the retail store in Toronto, Mark and Leonor began renting a retail unit in July of 2013 and eagerly began renovations. By late August they had both their Toronto retail…

15 Sep 2013

It was really one of the best years ever for TIFF. So many stars came up to Toronto to be part of the festival. But behind the scenes are networks of support staff, workers, film producers, directors, script writers – anyone and everyone – in and outside of Toronto, working to make the deals for these new movies and passing “hush, hush” secret scripts for next year’s and years’ following. All of these things happen while all the public’s events are happening. Our Toronto TIFF Film Festival has become so big that it is one of the World’s Top 3 Events for promoting films. At Jiffy Self Storage we are very proud of the boost that TIFF gives to the…

7 Sep 2013

New budget Office/Workspaces available. Everything you need to run your office/workspace at low monthly cost. Why pay more when you can get it for less? CALL 1-866-821-8364 for details. You can depend on Jiffy Workspaces: Rent a Jiffy Workspace for as short or long as necessary. Reserve the most economical workspace size. Our co-ordinated solution saves you money. Contact us now…before they’re all gone! CALL 1-866-821-8364 for details. Affordable monthly rent No long term leases. Perfect for seasonal work, or entrepreneur trying out new business. Internet access available. Air conditioning and heating. Immediate visitor parking. Additional storage on site. Shipping/receiving Area. Roll up garage doors and standard doors. Workspaces of varying sizes and layouts. All-day breakfast, hardware. movers, Jiffy Storage…

4 Oct 2012

It’s not often that a capital project comes in “On Time” and “On Budget” but this is exact outcome of this Phase 2 Project of Workspaces and Retail Stores. Toronto General Contractors, Power Mechanical completed the project with a minimum of delays and even if they were working against some delays, they made up valuable time elsewhere. Dismantling block wall for installation of new full height retail store fronts Project scope of work included complete demolition of a large existing restaurant to bare walls, demolition of block walls, installation of new store fronts, interior workspace partitions, HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning ducts to supply and return air), fire sprinklers and complete upgrade of internal security and fire systems.…

13 Jul 2012

As the global economy continues to decline, investors are more reluctant to dish out the cash many entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners need. Nowadays large financial institution’s and venture capitalists are increasing their lending requirements. Successful Toronto entrepreneur lowers operating cost & risk with low rent. Banks need to know several key things before they will part with their cash, says Mike Michell, RBC’s national director for small business. “Help us understand why you’re so excited for the business, what specific use the money is going to, what your revenue projections are, and who is behind the business,” he says. In these uncertain times, nobody is willing to accommodate more risk. The best solution to lowering…

24 Jun 2012

Marketing rep works from Jiffy instead of plugging up apartmentJiffy Self-Storage, Toronto’s leading self-storage service provider is proud to announce a new and unique product for Toronto area businesses. We have converted our storage units into fully functioning Workspaces. What is a Workspace? Well it is simply what the name implies. A multi functional unit, equipped with lighting, heating, air conditioning, power outlets, and internet access for you to comfortably do your work.  These units were designed with saving costs in mind. We understand that some people do not need or want lavish décor or fancy trimmings, just a practical area where you can come in and do your work. Our Workspaces are versatile enough to…

25 Feb 2011

Irene and Joe have been operating a landscaping and snow removal business for 22 years. Their growth due to their success required additional working and storage space in Toronto for their landscape and snow removal business. After visiting various Toronto storage facilities, they found that Jiffy Self Storage Toronto addressed their immediate outdoor parking and indoor storage needs best and even provided huge benefits that were not even contemplated by them. By moving all their gardening and snow removal equipment from their home garage to Jiffy, they recycled their garage space for storing their fishing boat, fishing gear & snowmobiles. Their specific needs for heated storage with a security system were also addressed at Jiffy. Green Valley Landscaping Inc. is…

17 Jun 2010

Most people do not know or understand how HST is going to affect them. Even though there has been much publicity about HST, from the many people we speak to everyday at our Toronto self storage facility, the majority of these persons are misguided about their understanding or do not have any knowledge about the impending changes that are going to have major impacts on the daily lives of all Ontarians. Large businesses are ready for HST but many small companies have no idea how HST will affect them. Most businesses do not understand that they will be able to apply the full HST input credit for various costs and services so that HST will flow through for the full 13%…


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