Tips for storing your books
29 Oct 2018

How to Store Your Books so They’ll Survive Generations

There are few things more precious and more delicate than books. Our books are tied to memories, learning, and escape, and oftentimes, we hope to hold onto our books for generations to come. If we are the owners of first-edition or rare books, we want to be especially careful that…

21 Jul 2017

Books are something we often collect after we read them. A good book can become part of who we are, which is why so many people are reluctant to give up the books that have meant the most to them – even if they are not first editions,or original prints, and can be easily bought at any major chain bookstore. When a book is an antique, however, the need to keep it in great condition increases. If you are a collector, or, perhaps, didn’t even know that you had antique books in your collection, below are some important storage tips to make sure that your books are always well protected. Avoid slipcases Many people swear by slipcases. These are containers…

19 Jan 2017

If you are like many people, the books that you acquire over the years tends to become a part of you. There is something nostalgic and romantic about a physical copy of a book that drives many people to want to preserve them, almost like a piece of art within a piece of art. There are good and bad ways, however, to store your books. If you love your books and want to keep them for as long as you can, below are some tips for properly storing them. Handle with Good Hygiene Books and eating and drinking go hand in hand. You will avoid doing this, though, if you really love your books. Always keep a paper towel by…

29 Mar 2013

Jennifer Bain, the food editor for the Toronto Star, recently published a cookbook. Bain's brainchild, Toronto Star Cookbook: More Than 150 Diverse and Delicious Recipes Celebrating Ontario, was created after she decided she wanted to turn her…

28 Apr 2011

Due to the rise of the internet and the increasing popularity of tablets and iPads, many libraries across North America aren’t frequented quite as much as they used to be. But that’s not the case in Toronto. In fact, attendance there is so good, they’re expanding yet again. The Toronto Public Library recently announced that it’s planning to build a brand new 15,000-square-foot branch that will be built in the Trinity Spadina community, offering all the services that the main building provides. Among the amenities, the Trinity Spadina branch will house several meeting and study spaces and be fully furnished with internet technology, which will enable students, professionals and visitors to research, work and learn. The branch, which will become…

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