12 Mar 2015

How Can Professional Storage Helps With Document Maintenance

At Jiffy Storage, we try to be paperless where possible. We use file-sharing, online banking, cloud storage, and more. Still, like most companies, we still end up with a mountain of paperwork every single year!

Professional Document Storage & Maintenance

Paper is simply just another cost of doing business. Every small business we know has a mountain of paper that they don’t have space to store, can’t afford to throw out, and have no time to digitize.

Luckily, storage solutions can help with that!

Climate-Control and Document Maintenance

It would be great if every office was reliably heated, air conditioned, and humidity-controlled. Sadly, that is nowhere near the case in Toronto. The hot, sticky weather of summer has a tendency to wreck paper documents, encouraging mould that is terrible for both you and your customers. Over time, the damp and the mould can also destroy your records, opening you to possible problems if the CRA ever audits you.

Avoid these problems with a climate-controlled unit!

Secure Document Storage

Security is important, especially if you keep client information on site. Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t as secure as they should be. However, storage units are!

Secure storage companies employ fulltime security measures and lock down every area with cardkey locks. This is categorically safer than most traditional office buildings.

Cost-Effective Document Maintenance

The office space that you waste storing documents costs you some serious money. If your office is downtown, you are probably paying about $7 per square foot per month. If your office is out of downtown but still in Toronto proper, you are probably paying $4-$5 per square foot per month.

Now, let’s compare that to a secure, climate-controlled unit. Most will run you about $1 per square foot. Regardless of where your office is, it will cost you half as much to store documents off-site than it will to give up your expensive office space!

Document Delivery

Storing documents offsite doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Document storage facilities can receive packages of documents and store them securely in your unit. We use secure procedures to make sure that your documents are not left unattended until they are locked away. Instead of driving to us, just send them by UPS!

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