13 May 2011

Free magazine launched in Toronto

A new magazine is hitting news stands in the GTA, and best of all, it’s free.

According to the Star Media Group, the publishing company is launching The Grid magazine, a periodical that’s devoted to the all the city’s happenings and written with twenty and thirtysomethings in mind.

“The Grid is a mash-up – visually and editorially – of a newspaper a magazine and a coffee-table book,” said Laas Turnbull publisher and editor-in-chief.

The publishing company said every issue will feature regular contributors, all of whom will focus on their own individual beat, such as politics, social issues, beer, restaurants, style, fashion, parenting, visual arts, real estate and music.

Food connoisseurs may be especially inclined to purchase the inaugural issue, as the source said the cover story is all about the city’s best chow offerings.

Depending on the success of a magazine, its first issue can eventually be worth a lot of money. On a recent episode of the television show “Pawn Stars,” a man sold one of the first issues of “Rolling Stone” magazine for hundreds of dollars. People may want to pick up the first issue of The Grid and preserve it in a storage unit to maintain its mint condition. 

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