25 Feb 2011

Etobicoke firm runs entire landscape business from Jiffy Storage central Toronto location

Irene and Joe have been operating a landscaping and snow removal business for 22 years. Their growth due to their success required additional working and storage space in Toronto for their landscape and snow removal business. After visiting various Toronto storage facilities, they found that Jiffy Self Storage Toronto addressed their immediate outdoor parking and indoor storage needs best and even provided huge benefits that were not even contemplated by them. By moving all their gardening and snow removal equipment from their home garage to Jiffy, they recycled their garage space for storing their fishing boat, fishing gear & snowmobiles. Their specific needs for heated storage with a security system were also addressed at Jiffy.

Green Valley Landscaping Inc. is located in Etobicoke and specializes in providing professional Toronto summer landscape maintenance services, landscape design & build, waterfalls & water features for luxury homes in Etobicoke and North York. Joe’s motto is, “NO LANDSCAPE JOB IS TOO SMALL FOR GREEN VALLEY LANDSCAPING INC.” Joe and Irene are looking forward to a banner landscape design year helping clients plan new outdoor projects and integrating natural waterfalls, outdoor lighting but early bookings are key to ensure that time will be available for this year’s projects.

They rent an economical Jiffy workplace office where their bookkeeper does their books and payroll. Jiffy Office Workspaces have heating/air conditioning and are hard wired for Internet. Having conveniences like this at Jiffy Storage Toronto allows them  more time to enjoy their home garden and greenhouse filled with annuals, perennial flora and tropical flowering trees. They have taken back their privacy and have more time to enjoy their Toronto garden and year round greenhouse since renting their small Jiffy office for their business.

Jiffy accepts deliveries for them that is much more than a convenience. It opens time for them to deal with more important business issues like prospecting for new commercial  customers in North York, Toronto and residential landscaping and snow removal clients in Toronto GTA. How many times did Irene used to sit around for an important delivery only to be told that it will be delivered tomorrow? She doesn’t sit any more. Not only do Joe and Irene have more time to better service their landscape and snow removal customers, they have more quality time to spend together now that their entire landscaping business operates efficiently from Jiffy Storage Toronto.

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