Running An E-Commerce Business From A Storage Unit
24 Jan 2018

Using A Storage Unit To Run Your E-Commerce Business

More and more, business owners are turning to self storage facilities to help with the logistics of running a business. They are especially useful for e-commerce businesses, where the need for physical space is limited, but having a dedicated storage space is certainly useful. If you are an e-commerce business person and would like to know how you can use storage facilities to help run your business, below are some things to keep in mind.

Speak To Your Storage Facility Manager

Before using a self storage space in any unconventional way, always speak to the staff at the facility before going ahead with anything. There may be some rules and regulations to keep in mind that you aren’t aware of, as well as some restrictions on the types of things that you can keep in the unit that you are going to want to be cognizant of so as not to inconvenience yourself or the facility in the future.


If you are currently stocking a lot of your merchandise inventory at your home, you may be running the risk of over-stretching your contents insurance, or, more importantly, not being covered for running a business from your home. If you store your inventory in a self-storage unit, it is actually easier to get a cheaper deal on insurance. The added security of many facilities also means that premiums tend to drop , which is always nice.

Packing Materials On Site

If you are shipping items across the country, or even around the world, storage facilities offer a convenient way to never have to go out looking for packing materials ever again. Most storage facilities offer on-site packing supplies so streamlining your packing and shipping process is dead easy. It also means you don’t have to stock packing and shipping materials yourself, which makes for a leaner operation.

Free Up Space In Your Home For The Day To Day Operations

If you are running your e-commerce business from your home, storage facilities and self storage units allow you to free up what space you have to spare around your home for business related activities. Instead of cramming documents and inventory into the same space where you take care of operations, you can have a dedicated, clutter-free area in your home that is used solely for running and growing your business. A clutter-free space is a more productive space.

Running your e-business out of a self storage unit, or simply having it as part of your operations, is a great idea for a multitude of different reasons. If you are an e-commerce business person and are looking for ways to make your operations more efficient, keep the above benefits of running part, or all of your e-commerce operations out of your local storage facility.

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