26 Dec 2012

Tools for small business owners

The holiday shopping season often means extra stress for Canadian small business owners, as the time of year can make or break services. Small business owners can shed some of the holiday stress by using money-saving tools such as self storage units and online business planning calculators.

Another option might be to look into Zillidy, a lender that allows small businesses to access short-term capital with assets they already own, according to a contributing article to the Toronto Star.

“It lends itself to the (entrepreneur) who owns a retail store and needs to buy inventory, hire staff, make payroll or buy something for the business,” Steven Uster, a Toronto-based investment banker and founder of Zillidy, said in the article. 

Entrepreneurs are also reminded to never stop networking. Throughout the Toronto area, many industry conventions and events are available to help them meet new potential business partners. Every new interaction is a new opportunity for entrepreneurs to expand their business.

Jiffy offers businesses plenty of options for Toronto storage, whether one needs to store filing cabinets or office supplies. What's more, the company is currently holding a contest for a new iPad 3, which is a device that just about every business person could use to help improve productivity.

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