1 Aug 2013

Small-business owners find help at self-storage facilities

Most small-business owners are unaware of the benefits self storage can have to streamlining operations at an office. 

The primary advantage of using self storage is to clear a space from clutter. While this in itself can help to make an office run more efficiently, freeing up space, it's not the only benefit of self storage. 

Perhaps the often overlooked perk of self storage is the ability to house documents. This can really benefit small-business owners, as they might have one-of-a-kind documents lying around that could be susceptible to damage. A file cabinet or hard drive just won't cut it if there is a flood or fire. If a valuable document gets damaged, it can be a big liability for any business owner. Luckily, Jiffy Self Storage provides a solution. 

Besides budget priced Toronto self storage spaces, Jiffy Self-Storage is now offering air conditioned Jiffy Workspaces/Offices with internet, light and power for small businesses and for business persons having outgrown their Toronto  small office home office (SOHO). There are a limited number of these workspaces available so contact Jiffy before all the spaces are gone.

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