Reasons your business would benefit from using storage
7 Jan 2020

Seven Reasons Your Business Would Benefit From Using Storage

Many businesses find themselves in need of additional business storage at some point down the line. Self-storage units can be used for a wide range of commercial applications, including stock storage, office storage, document/file storage, retail storage, or business storage.

E-commerce companies and small or home-based businesses find self-storage to be an invaluable resource for storing inventory and maintaining steady operations. Any business can also use storage units to safely store infrequently used office equipment, when downsizing, or when moving offices. These facilities provide a flexible, clean, secure, and accessible space at an affordable price.

Secure self-storage units offer the ultimate solution to the short-term or long-term need for convenient, cost-cutting, and flexible business storage. Here are some of the main reasons to start using self-storage units for your business:

1.Secure storage

The reputation of a storage facility largely depends on their ability to protect their customer’s items. As such, they invest heavily in different security measures, including surveillance cameras, heavy-duty locks, personal alarms, access control, security guards, and fire safety, among others, in addition to giving you insurance cover in case something unexpected occurs.

Some of the things that businesses may want to put in self-storage units include:

  • Documents. Paperwork is a natural component of every business. You’re legally required to keep specific records such as your accounting data and employee tax documents for a specified number of years. In addition, you may have a large number of invoices, receipts, applications, customer records, and other forms of paperwork that you want to preserve. But it can be hard to collect these documents in your office, especially if you have limited space. Self-storage units allow you to keep any important documents that you don’t need urgently safe, secure, and out of the way. Keeping them off your premises not only makes it easier to organize the remaining paperwork, but also prevents unauthorized parties from accessing potentially sensitive data. You may consider keeping your paperwork in a climate controlled storage unit to prevent damage from excess temperature changes and humidity fluctuations. In addition, the documents should be completely dry and stored in air-tight packing, well-labelled, and placed on pallets so they’re off the ground. Any documents that you may need quickly should be placed near the entrance of the unit for easier access.
  • Furniture. Some businesses that have fluctuating staff numbers, like those that hire additional employees during peak season, may need to rent a self-storage unit to store the extra desks and chairs so they don’t crowd the office during off-season. Businesses can also take advantage of storage units to temporarily store office furniture and equipment while partitioning the rooms, painting, or transitioning to a new location. Office furniture, electronics, and equipment should also be properly covered before taking them to storage and placed on pallets so they stay off the ground.
  • Inventory. Renting a storage unit can allow you to run an organized business from home or a small office by keeping excess inventory in the unit so it doesn’t clutter your limited space. Some stock may also require stringent temperature control, making it unsuitable for storage in your office. You can take advantage of climate controlled storage units, or install shelves in standard units to keep the items well-organized. Storage units can be particularly helpful when you need to keep large amounts of stock for seasonal peak sales to streamline your process, while allowing you to efficiently scale your business.
  • 2.Easy business expansion

    When looking to scale your business operations, you may find that renting a bigger space and relocating will be quite expensive. Instead, you can choose to remove any unnecessary cabinets, unused inventory, old equipment, and any other items that you’re currently not using and move them to your self-storage unit. This will give you more space in your current location to handle more business-centric operations, while incurring the unit’s monthly rental fee. In addition, your office items will be safely stored for sale or use when you eventually decide to relocate.

    3.Optimize office space

    If you find that you’re running out of space in your current office to maintain optimal productivity, but are not prepared to change your office, then renting a storage unit can provide you with a convenient, safe, and secure place to keep your old files and documents, unused furniture, broken equipment, and any other items that are cluttering your office. You only need to pay for the amount of space that you need. For many businesses, it is more economical to keep excess office items in an offsite location rather than move to a bigger, more expensive location where the space may not be fully utilized.

    4.Increased productivity

    Moving unnecessary items from your office will create more workspace, allowing for easier cleaning and decluttering, better organization, and more decoration options, all of which will provide a more pleasant work environment for your employees and customers. With better workspaces and improved comfort, your employees will be more productive. The increased efficiency should help to increase your bottom line, giving you a good return on investment for your storage unit.

    5.Cost effective

    Using an offsite self-storage unit eliminates the numerous costs associated with moving your business operations to a new location, unless it is necessary. Moving your operations would lead to lost work hours for your employees due to moving, setting up, connecting to the internet and other facilities, and so on, which translates to lost revenue. If you need new business services in your new location, you will also incur costs associated with hiring professional contractors, from movers to technicians, to help you set up.

    6.Convenient services

    Most storage facilities try to make the process of moving your items to storage as hassle-free as possible. They offer packing materials at affordable prices and transport services, plus they have pallet jacks and trolleys to aid you in moving your items from the vehicle to your unit. In addition, you can store a wide variety of items in the unit, though you may need to consult the manager for assistance with storage of special items.

    7.Flexible storage

    Self-storage facilities have dozens or hundreds of units in different sizes that you can rent depending on your storage needs. So even if you start by storing a few business equipment and documents to create space in your office and then later on find that you need more space, it is easy to find another unit that can accommodate your new space requirements. Paying for a large offsite business storage location should be more affordable than paying for the same amount of space in your premises for storage. You can even take advantage of shelves and other vertical spacing storage options to maximize on the space provided in your storage unit.

    If you would like more information about our self-storage services in Toronto, then contact Jiffy Self-Storage here.

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