27 Feb 2012

More websites being geared toward finding storage auctions

The self storage industry continues to rise even in less than stellar economies in the U.S. and Canada, and the latest trend is helping interested buyers find auctions with ease, The Times Union reports.

According to the source, the site StorageAuctionBoards.com is aiming to become the biggest online storage outlet in the States and around Canada as it hopes to provide a one-stop type of shopping for people interested in finding potential hidden treasure behind storage unit walls. This industry is becoming a profitable one, as it's estimated that every day more than 10,000 storage auctions take place in the U.S.

"People love hearing stories about finds or experiences had at storage auctions," Hunter Carr, the website’s administrator told the publication. "Those who are new to storage auctions can spend hours reading about the exploits of experienced bidders."

People interested in becoming members of the site can do so for free and according to Carr, it's the best place to find auctions happening on a daily basis. However, the site may have some competition as it was just announced that a similar website, StorageTreasures.com, is now up and running, and it claims to bring "auction hunters and facilities owners together."

Although hunting for potential finds can be thrilling, many typically use self storage as an outlet to house their valuables during a move, or while trying to sell a home. With such interest in the market growing, it's easy for potential renters to locate affordable self storage in Toronto or anywhere else, though renters should look at the safety features and insurance policies at all locations.  

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