18 May 2012

How the Better Business Bureau works

Many Canadians may have heard of an organization called the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They may also know that this organization tracks consumer satisfaction with certain companies and can be a great resource for those who have an issue with a local business. But how exactly does the BBB work?

The BBB has two key aspects to it. The first is accreditation. In order to become accredited with the BBB, companies must pay annual dues and comply with a number of rules and guidelines with regards to ethics, advertising, integrity and consumer protection. A company accredited by BBB is essentially given a stamp of approval by the bureau that they are generally honest. Some consumers choose to only deal with BBB-accredited businesses, making it worth it for the company to pursue these goals.

The other aspect of the BBB is tracking complaints. If a customer has a problem with a local business, they may file a complaint with the BBB. The BBB will then contact the organization and try to get it resolved on the consumer's behalf. If the dispute can't be resolved, a mark goes on the businesses' record, which is viewable by the public. Thus, companies with numerous complaints look poorly in the eyes of consumers. This happens whether the business is accredited by the BBB or not.

Jiffy Self Storage, a leader in Toronto self storage solutions, is proud of its "A+" rating by the Better Business Bureau and its perfect record of no complaints for more than 15 years of accreditation with the organization.

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