How self-storage can improve your business bottom line
7 Jan 2020

How Self-Storage Can Improve Your Business Bottom Line

Every modern business is looking for new ways to boost productivity, cut expenses, and increase profits. Currently, businesses in Toronto, and especially small businesses, need all the resources they can get to help them stay successful. What if renting out a storage unit at a self-storage facility could help your business save money and allocate more funds in areas other than commercial rent and space? As a business owner, you understand how every penny can add up and how expensive retail properties and offices can be. Jiffy Self-Storage offers storage for companies, both large and small, to help businesses in the GTA. Below is a guide to how self-storage can improve your bottom line and help you save more money in the long run.

Improved Office Layout

The layout of your office, store, or wherever you do business is important when it comes to productivity and efficiency. Are colleagues close enough to each other that they can reach out for help? Does everyone have sufficient space? Do customers have a proper seating area? These are just a few of the questions you will need to consider when setting up your office, restaurant, or business layout. While you might not think you have the space to execute certain changes and really utilize your space to its fullest potential, you may want to consider less conventional options such as leveraging the use of a storage facility. By renting out a storage unit for a much lower price than expanding your office or getting a bigger space, you can make improvements in your current layout. 

For example, you can clear some space by moving supplies, documents, and seasonal décor into an offsite storage location. This way, you have more room for things that matter and can actually improve your business and employee productivity. Keep in mind that opening up more space and reducing clutter by keeping non-essential items elsewhere will also make your business look more clean, clear, and appealing for both clients and employees.

Cost-Effective Compared to Rent

Another major benefit to a storage facility’s services is that you are subject to less commitment and would pay less than you normally would if you were renting out more commercial or retail space. If you are a small business or just starting out in the industry, this option might work even better for you, as it will reduce your costs to use a storage unit as warehouse or inventory space. Some business owners even choose to fully operate from their storage units, which can work well also. With storage units, you can rent as much space as needed, and the terms are flexible, with leases starting on a monthly basis. If your business is only seasonal, for example, this could save you a lot of money. Storage units also offer much more security and amenities than if you were to simply use your home or garage to store inventory. At Jiffy Self-Storage, our units are secured with access codes, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and well-lit areas to deter theft. Your unit will be accessible by code to you only, and you can rest assured that your valuable stock is safe and secure.

Managing Paperwork and Documents

Running a business can have you quickly drowning in paperwork and documents. While it’s good to keep some on hand, certain documents do not need to be accessed by you or anyone on a regular basis and is therefore just taking up valuable space. Fortunately, with an offsite storage unit, you can move unneeded documents and paperwork from your home or main office to a secure location for possible future use. 

Storage units are also climate-controlled to keep your papers and archives in good condition, so they don’t deteriorate or become unreadable and damaged over time. You would never want to store something away only to find that when you do need it, it is no longer in usable (or legible) condition. Choose climate-controlled, secure document and archive storage so that you needn’t worry about them in the long term.

Self-Storage For Businesses

At the end of the day, we want you to save more money and grow your business without sinking into debt. Don’t get bogged down by high rent prices; consider the alternatives available to you, such as self-storage facilities. At Jiffy Self-Storage, we offer high security, climate-controlled storage units in a variety of sizes and with numerous amenities for your convenience. For more information on storage rental in Toronto, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here, and a representative will reach out to you shortly.

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