How to Store All Types of Bedding
3 May 2021

How to Store All Types of Bedding

Who doesn’t love snuggling up with a fresh comforter and bed sheets for a peaceful night of rest and relaxation? The key to a great night’s sleep is in the comfort and quality of your bedding, so why not take care of it? After all, learning how to properly care for and maintain your bedding is an art in itself, so the sooner you start, the better you’ll feel. Make sure you are paying attention to laundering instructions and that you store your sheets and comforters appropriately to maintain their longevity and comfort. The last thing you want is to be sleeping in bedding that is dirty, smelly, or unkempt.

Luckily for you, our guide below will give you the helpful tips and tricks you need to keep all your sheets and comforters fresh from the moment you store them to when you fit them onto your bed.

Launder Appropriately and Regularly

One key tip to always remember is that bedding needs to be laundered before being stored away. The last thing you want is your dirty bedding deteriorating, and starting to smell and attract bugs, bacteria, or pests while in storage. Bedding can even become discoloured if left in storage unwashed. In comparison to comforters, bed sheets and pillowcases usually need to be laundered more frequently as they get dirty and sweaty much faster.

Remember to read the instructions carefully when laundering different materials so as to protect them and ensure they last as long as possible. It’s generally a good idea to wash your bedding on the delicate cycle in cold water so that the materials stay in good shape with less wear and tear. Take your bedding out of the dryer as soon as possible to prevent wrinkles from appearing in the fabrics.

Avoid Heat and Humidity

You never want to store your bedding and delicate fabrics in an area where there is excess moisture and humidity. Keeping your bedding in a cool, dry storage location will ensure that it is clean and ready to be used again whenever you need it. Some good places to store your bedding are linen closets, dressers, or ottomans.

Keep in mind the size of the space as well, as cramming all your bedding into a tight spot is never a good idea since it won’t have any room to air out. If you plan on storing your bedding in an offsite storage location, then make sure the storage unit is climate controlled so that your sheets are never exposed to extreme temperatures and potential damage.

Let Fabrics Air Out

Another important tip when caring for and storing your bedding is to give each fabric a little time to breathe and air out. This is especially important for natural fabrics like wool or silk. Make sure wherever you are storing your bedding has proper airflow and ventilation. After all, trapped moisture and heat can breed bacteria, mould, and mustiness. It might even be a good idea to air your bedding out for a day or so after taking it out of the dryer to ensure it is completely dry before folding and storing away.

Fold Fabrics Properly

Different people have different preferences and styles when it comes to folding laundry. Whatever your preference, it’s important to learn how to fold your bedding in a way that maximizes space and protects the fabrics and materials. For example, down comforters or duvets should never be compressed, as this could damage the feathers inside. That means they should always be on top of heavier blankets or comforters instead of underneath them in the linen closet.

Another good tip is to fold sheet sets into their matching pillowcases so that they stay together and you don’t have to go fiddling around to gather matching pieces of a set.

Use Dryer Sheets and Scent Satchels

Last but not least, you want your linen closet and your bedding to always smell fresh and clean. So, why not give your closet a boost by adding in some scented satchels or even just dryer sheets into your folded bedding? Lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary are all great scents for your closets, and you can even DIY your own mix of dried herbs if you’re feeling adventurous.

Ultimately, you want to store your bedding so that it remains in great, clean condition for whenever you are ready to use it again. Sometimes, this may require a little extra effort on your part. However, the end result of sleeping on fresh, clean sheets every time will be well worth it.

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