12 Oct 2009

Security DVR (digital video recorder) upgrade acts as valuable...

To increase value for its tenants and provide professional services for a host of reputable Toronto moving and storage companies that use Jiffy Self Storage facilities as their base, Jiffy Self Storage has upgraded its VCR security recording device with two (2) brand new state of the art 16 channel digital video recorders (DVR), increasing its recording capacity for up to 32 cameras. The system it replaced was perfectly adequate but did not have the variety of security features and quick access to video recordings that the new system has. The new DVRs eliminate daily changes and exchanges of video tapes by recording high quality video digital files more efficiently onto high capacity hard drives from multiple video streams. For archival purposes or for examination on or offsite, its a simple process to record digital moving images onto various storage media and devices such as USB drives, memory sticks, recordable CDs  and DVDs. Some of the video monitoring features built into the DVRs include:…


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