12 Nov 2012

Important business decisions to make when starting a new retail...

Toronto’s leading self storage service provider has recently completed construction of 5 brand new retail units. This has created new and additional opportunities for aspiring business owners to secure a great retail location. Jiffy Self Storage Plaza, Toronto,  has a wide array of benefits for entrepreneurial business owners. First of all, the plaza is located at the major cross roads of the greater Toronto Area. This provides easy access to Highways 401 & 400. Whether you are on your way to work or having customers visit, this ease of travel is a benefit that most other places cannot provide. Toronto Retail Strip Plaza with lots of front loaded parking Thinking of starting a new business? One of the most important decisions you would need to make is the location of your business. Factors like accessibility, exposure, and traffic all come into account when deciding a location. Your business will be a stone’s throw away from major areas…

26 Sep 2012

Toronto is a city full of opportunity for businesses. Our economy is designed to reward risk taking entrepreneurs. However, some aspiring entrepreneurs may find that the risk involved with undertaking a new business may be too great. Jiffy Self-Storage, Toronto’s leading Self-Storage service provider, now has an exclusive option for such cautious individuals. Workspace/office with internet for any business/service Jiffy Workspace/Offices for rent in Toronto make starting a Toronto business easier than ever before. This concept is unique to Toronto is  derived from Jiffy Self-Storage Toronto experiences and successes . Operating their storage facility for over 25 years has given Jiffy Storage Toronto considerable insight into what entrepreneurial businesses need in today’s fast moving world. These…

29 Aug 2012

Toronto’s leading Self Storage service provider, Jiffy Self-Storage, is proud to announce that they now offer one of the lowest self-storage pricing in Toronto. As Toronto’s real estate market continues to flourish, home owners are faced with the many burdens of moving. As an industry innovator Jiffy Self-Storage has widened its scope of services to accommodate even more home owners’ needs. Jiffy has just finished building brand new low priced 5ft x 5ft x 3.5ft high  and 5ft x 5ft x 5ft high storage units. Jiffy Self-Storage pricing in Toronto starts at $39.95/month for the 3.5ft high unit and $49.95/month for the 5ft high unit. Also take advantage of this limited time promotion: Pre-pay your first 2 months’ rent and get the third…

13 Jul 2012

As the global economy continues to decline, investors are more reluctant to dish out the cash many entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners need. Nowadays large financial institution’s and venture capitalists are increasing their lending requirements. Successful Toronto entrepreneur lowers operating cost & risk with low rent. Banks need to know several key things before they will part with their cash, says Mike Michell, RBC’s national director for small business. “Help us understand why you’re so excited for the business, what specific use the money is going to, what your revenue projections are, and who is behind the business,” he says. In these uncertain times, nobody is willing to accommodate more risk. The best solution to lowering…

24 Jun 2012

Marketing rep works from Jiffy instead of plugging up apartmentJiffy Self-Storage, Toronto’s leading self-storage service provider is proud to announce a new and unique product for Toronto area businesses. We have converted our storage units into fully functioning Workspaces. What is a Workspace? Well it is simply what the name implies. A multi functional unit, equipped with lighting, heating, air conditioning, power outlets, and internet access for you to comfortably do your work.  These units were designed with saving costs in mind. We understand that some people do not need or want lavish décor or fancy trimmings, just a practical area where you can come in and do your work. Our Workspaces are versatile enough to…

5 May 2012

More and more Toronto seniors are finding it necessary to delay retirement or continue to work throughout their retirement in order to supplement their earnings.  The cost of living continues to rise, especially in large cities like Toronto, resulting in more baby boomers in Toronto remaining in or re-joining the work force. As this is an unfortunate reality that seniors now have to endure, one Toronto storage company has an alternative to alleviate some of the financial burdens of our seniors. Jiffy Self-Storage, Toronto’s leading self-storage service provider, is now offering budget Workspace/Offices to seniors to work in peace, in order to earn a little extra money to supplement their retirement income.  Professionals like retired therapists and accountants can easily…


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