5 Jul 2009

New Jiffy Self Storage Toronto website launched in July

In keeping with our Jiffy Self Storage policy of upgrading storage services and public storage offerings, a new Jiffy storage website was launched during the first week of July. This is the third major change to our website design since we launched our first self storage Toronto website in 1998. The look and feel of the website design was incorporated to reflect latest in contemporary design and advancements in web design.  For those persons that have a more web technical background, the self storage website was designed in PHP and utilizes flash banner ads that load various Toronto moving and storage images randomly to give each visitor a better feel for the Jiffy Storage Units offerings available in a much better organized layout than the previous Jiffy mini storage website.  The backend (or access to the inner workings of the website) was designed so that web changes can easily be made by persons not familiar with PHP programming. New pages can…


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